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21-101F5 Initial Operation Report for Information Processor [F - Rescinded]
Published March 9, 2007
Effective March 1, 2007
Rescinded/Lapsed July 6, 2012
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 FORM 21-101F5




1. Full name of information processor:  

2. Main street address (do not use a P.O. box):

3. Mailing address (if different):


4. Address of head office (if different from address in item 2):



5. Business telephone and facsimile number:

                                    (Telephone)                                    (Facsimile)

6. Website address:


7. Contact employee:

     (Name and Title)                            (Telephone Number)                             (Facsimile)                             (E-mail address)

8. Counsel:

(Firm Name)                              (Contact Name)                             (Telephone Number)                             (Facsimile)                             (E-mail address)

9. Date of financial year-end: 

10.  List of all marketplaces, dealers or other parties for which the information processor is acting or for which it proposes to act as an information processor. For each marketplace, dealer or other party, provide a description of the function(s) which the information processor performs or proposes to perform.

11. List all types of securities for which information will be collected, processed, distributed or published by the information processor. For each such marketplace, dealer or other party, provide a list of all securities for which information with respect to quotations for, or transactions in, is or is proposed to be collected, processed, distributed or published.


12. Legal status: Square Corporation Square Sole Proprietorship

Square Partnership SquareOther (specify):  

Except where the information processor is a sole proprietorship, indicate the date and place where the information  processor obtained its legal status (e.g., place of incorporation, place where partnership agreement was filed or where information  processor was  formed):

(a) Date (DD/MM/YYYY): _________(b) Place of formation:


File all Exhibits with the Initial Form. For each Exhibit, include the name of the information processor, the date of filing of the Exhibit and the date as of which the information is accurate (if different from the date of the filing).  If any Exhibit required is inapplicable, a statement to that effect shall be furnished instead of such Exhibit.

If the information processor files an amendment to the information provided in its Initial Form, and the information relates to an Exhibit filed with the Initial Form or a subsequent amendment, the information processor must, in order to comply with sections 14.1 and 14.2 of National Instrument 21-101 provide a description of the change and file a complete and updated Exhibit.


Exhibit A A copy of the constating documents, including corporate by-laws and other similar documents, and all subsequent amendments identifying the processes and procedures which promote independence from the marketplaces, inter-dealer bond brokers and dealers that provide data.

Exhibit B List any person or company who owns 10 percent or more of the information processor's stock or who, either directly or indirectly, through agreement or otherwise, in any other manner, may control or direct the management or policies of the information processor.  Provide the full name and address of each such person and attach a copy of the agreement or, if there is none written, describe the agreement or basis through which such person exercises or may exercise such control or direction.

Exhibit C A list of the partners, officers, directors, governors, members of all standing committees or persons performing similar functions who presently hold or have held their offices or positions during the previous year identifying those individuals with overall responsibility for the integrity and timeliness of data reported to and displayed by the system (the "System") of the information processor, indicating the following for each:

1. Name.

2. Title.

3. Dates of commencement and expiry of present term of office or position and length of time the office or position held.

4. Type of business in which each is primarily engaged and current employer.

 5. Type of business in which each was primarily engaged in the preceding five years, if different from that set out in item 4.

 6. Whether the person is considered to be an independent director.

Exhibit D A narrative or graphic description of the organizational structure of the information processor.

Exhibit E A description of the personnel qualifications for each category of professional, non-professional and supervisory employee employed by the information processor. Detail whether the personnel are employed by the information processor or a third party identifying the employees responsible for monitoring the timeliness and integrity of data reported to and displayed by the System.

Exhibit F For each affiliated entity of the information processor, and for any person or company with whom the information processor has a contractual or other agreement relating to the operations of the information processor, provide the following information:

1. Name and address of person or company.

2. Form of organization (e.g., association, corporation, partnership, etc.)

3. Name of location and statute citation under which organized.  Date of incorporation in present form.

4. Brief description of nature and extent of affiliation or contractual or other agreement with the information processor.

5. Brief description of business or functions.

6. If a person or company has ceased to be an affiliated entity of the information processor during the previous year or ceased to have a contractual or other agreement relating to the operation of the information processor during the previous year, provide a brief statement of the reasons for termination of the relationship.


Exhibit G Describe the manner of operation of the System of the information processor that collects, processes, distributes and publishes information in accordance with National Instruments 21-101 and 23-101. This description should include the following:

1. The means of access to the System.

2. Procedures governing entry and display of quotations and orders in the System including data validation processes.

3. The hours of operation of the System.

 4. Description of the training provided to users of the System and any materials provided to the users.

 5. Description of current and future capacity estimates, contingency and business continuity plans and the procedures to review and test methodology of the system and to perform stress testing.

Exhibit H A description in narrative form of each service or function performed by the information processor. Include a description of all procedures utilized for the collection, processing, distribution, validation and publication of information with respect to orders and trades in securities. 

Exhibit I A list of all computer hardware utilized by the information processor to perform the services or functions listed in Item 10, indicating:

1. Manufacturer, and manufacturer's equipment and identification number.

2. Whether purchased or leased (if leased, duration of lease and any provisions for purchase or renewal).

3. Where such equipment (exclusive of terminals and other access devices) is physically located.

Exhibit J A description of the measures or procedures implemented by the information processor to provide for the security of any system employed to perform the functions of an information processor.  Include a general description of any physical and operational safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized access to the system.  Describe any measures used to verify the timeliness and accuracy of information received and disseminated by the system, including the processes to resolve data integrity issues identified.

Exhibit K Where the functions of an information processor are performed by automated facilities or systems, attach a description of:

1. All backup systems which are designed to prevent interruptions in the performance of any information providing functions as a result of technical malfunctions or otherwise in the system itself, in any permitted input or output system connection or as a result of any independent source,

2. Business continuity and contingency plans for the ongoing operations of the facilities or systems in the event of a catastrophe,

3. Each type of interruption which has lasted for more than two minutes and has occurred within the six (6) months preceding the date of the filing, including the date of each interruption, the cause and duration, and

4. The total number of interruptions which have lasted two minutes or less.

Exhibit L For each service or function listed in Item 10,

1. Quantify in appropriate units of measure the limits on the information processor's capacity to retrieve, collect, process, store or display the data elements included within each function.

2. Identify the factors (mechanical, electronic or other) which account for the current limitations reported in answer to 1. on the capacity to receive, collect, process, store or display the data elements included within each function.


Exhibit M Audited financial statements for the latest financial year of the information processor and a report prepared by an independent auditor. Please discuss the financial viability of the information processor in the context of having sufficient financial resources to properly perform its functions.

Exhibit N A business plan with pro forma financial statements and estimates of revenue.


Exhibit O A complete list of all fees and other charges imposed, or to be imposed, by or on behalf of the information processor for its information services, including the cost of establishing a connection that will provide information to the information processor. Where arrangements to share revenue from the sale of data disseminated by the information processor with marketplaces, inter-dealer bond brokers and dealers that provide data to the information processor in accordance with National Instrument 21-101 are in place, a complete description of the arrangements and the basis for these arrangements.


Exhibit P Attach the following:

1. State the number of persons who presently subscribe or who have notified the information processor of their intention to subscribe to the services of the information processor.

2. For each instance during the past year in which any person has been prohibited or limited in respect of access to services offered by the information processor, indicate the name of each such person and the reason for the prohibition or limitation.

Exhibit Q The form of contract governing the terms by which persons may subscribe to the services of an information  processor.

Exhibit R A description of any specifications, qualifications or other criteria which limit, are interpreted to limit or have the effect of limiting access to or use of any services provided by the information processor and state the reasons for imposing such specifications, qualifications or other criteria. This applies to limits relating to providing information to the information processor and the limits relating to accessing the consolidated feed distributed by the information processor.

Exhibit S Attach any specifications, qualifications or other criteria required of participants who supply securities information to the information processor for collection, processing for distribution or publication by the information processor.


Exhibit T Where the information processor is responsible for making a determination of the data which must be reported, including the securities for which information must be reported in accordance with National Instrument 21-101, describe the manner of selection and communication of these securities. This description should include the following:

1. The criteria used to determine which securities should be reported to the information processor.

2. The process for selection of the securities, including a description of the parties consulted in the process and the frequency of the selection process.

3. The process to communicate the securities selected to the marketplaces, inter-dealer bond brokers and dealers providing the information as required by National Instrument 21-101. The description should include where this information is located.




The undersigned certifies that the information given in this report is true and correct.

DATED at _______________ this _____ day of ___________________ 20

(Name of information processor )

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(Signature of director, officer or partner)

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[Amended March 1, 2007]