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Cease Traded Reporting Issuers List

Search the National CTO Database for historical cease trade order information.

List below is limited to only cease traded reporting issuers. Refer to Cease Trade Orders in the Enforcement section to find both reporting and non-reporting cease traded issuers.

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Note: List below shows the company or person(s) that are currently cease traded or management cease traded; to view a complete listing select their name.


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Issuer Name Principal CTO MCTO
@rgentum Canadian Equity Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum Canadian L/S Equity Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum Canadian Performance Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum Discovery Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum Income Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum International Master Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum Short Term Asset Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum U.S. Market Neutral Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
@rgentum U.S. Master Portfolio QC 2012-02-01 No
0941092 B.C. Ltd. BC 2015-12-11 No
1011704 BC Ltd. BC 2016-12-02 No
1011705 BC Ltd. BC 2020-01-16 No
1011707 BC Ltd. BC 2015-12-11 No
1011709 BC Ltd. BC 2015-12-11 No
1020645 B.C. Ltd. BC 2017-08-04 No
1020648 B.C. Ltd. BC 2017-04-05 No
1020650 B.C. Ltd. BC 2019-04-05 No
1020651 B.C. Ltd. BC 2017-08-04 No
1024954 B.C. Ltd. BC 2016-05-10 No
1040436 BC Ltd. BC 2017-02-03 No
1040440 BC Ltd. BC 2019-12-04 No
1080854 Ontario Limited ON 2002-01-30 No
1603546 Alberta Ltd. AB 2012-05-09 No
1608557 Ontario Inc. ON 2008-12-12 No
2001 Resource Industries Ltd. BC 1992-12-14 No
20th Century Energy Corporation BC 1991-04-12 No
2100 Bloor Street West Limited Partnership BC 1989-10-23 No
2242749 Ontario Limited ON 2015-09-11 No
27 Red Capital Inc. BC 2019-05-06 No
2980304 Canada Inc. MB 2007-01-12 No
360networks Inc. BC 2002-07-19 No
3MV Energy Corp. AB 2016-05-12 No
4126777 Canada Inc. BC 2003-08-21 No
4404980 CANADA INC. BC 2010-05-11 No
4504020 Canada Inc. QC 2010-07-21 No
523976 Alberta Ltd. AB 2012-04-12 No
5813906 Manitoba Ltd. MB 2015-10-01 No
6D Global Technologies, Inc. BC 2009-08-21 No
9342-8530 Québec Inc. QC 2017-03-07 No
A & A International Industries Inc. BC 2000-05-01 No
A Little Reminder (ALR) Inc. BC 2000-08-30 No
A.A.A. Stamp Coin Bullion Inc. BC 1999-04-27 No
A.E. Ventures Ltd. AB 2002-02-05 No
A.H.A. Automotive Technologies Corporation BC 1990-02-28 No
A.O.G. Air Support Inc. BC 2006-06-06 No
A.T.H. Fund Inc. BC 1991-05-06 No
AAA-X Metals Inc. BC 1991-02-27 No
Aabbax International Financial Corporation BC 1995-09-20 No
Aabco Ventures Inc. BC 1994-07-27 No
Aao Aquaculture International Corp. BC 1990-08-16 No