Aintree Resources Inc.

Head Office:
600-666 Burrard Street,
Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8 CAN
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Year End:
October 31
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Principal Regulator:
British Columbia

Regulatory Details

Default History

Period of Default Default Code Default From Default To
A 2015-10-31

2. The reporting issuer’s continuous disclosure is deficient because:

2a. Financial statements of the reporting issuer, or the auditors’ report accompanying the financial statements, do not comply with the requirements of NI 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations (NI 51-102), National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure (NI 81-106) or National Instrument 52-107 Acceptable Accounting Principals, Auditing Standards and Reporting Currency.

2016-03-02 2016-03-03

1. The reporting issuer has failed to file the following continuous disclosure prescribed by securities laws:

1m. Failure to file corporate governance disclosure as required by National Instrument 58-101 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices.

1n. Failure to file audit committee disclosure as required by National Instrument 52-110 Audit Committees

4 Failure to comply with any other requirement related to continuous disclosure.

2016-03-01 ---


SEDI is the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, established by securities regulatory authorities. SEDI facilitates the filing and public dissemination of insider reports in electronic format via the Internet and the SEDI website.

Offerings & Distributions

Exempt Distributions

Showing 2 records as of 2017-12-15 12:00:00 AM

Exemption Document Type Distribution From Distribution To $ Amount Raised Filing Date
NI 45-106 2.3, NI 45-106 2.5 Report 2017-11-07 2017-11-07 1,029,200.00 2017-11-16
NI 45-106 2.5 Report (amended) 2016-08-22 2016-08-22 400,000.00 2016-11-17

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