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Aik Guan "Frankie" Lim; Scott Thomas Low; FS Financial Strategies Inc.; FS Financial Services Inc.; FS Financial Strategies Services Inc.; FS Financial Services (Alberta) Inc.; Darrell Wiebe; Chun Ying "Jim" Pan; Chung-Sheng "Johnson" Kao; CC Cornerstone Credit Ltd. (now known as Flexfi Inc.); Afshin Ardalan; WL Strategic Capital Partners Inc.; George Lay; Hunter Wei-Shun Wang (aka Hunter Wei Shun Wang); FS Stellar Insurance Services Inc.; Nyit Foon "Lydia" Chin; Aike Joo Lim; Verico FS Capital Inc.; Gagan Deep Bachra; FS Financial Systems Inc.; Chi Kay "Dixon" Wong; Meng Cher "Philip" Tsai; Executive Director

Date Opened:
Hearing Type:
Acting contrary to public interest; Fraud; Illegal distribution; Trading without registration
Hearing pending
Hearing Dates:
2017-03-08; 2017-06-28; 2018-01-12; 2018-04-10; 2019-01-09;
Nigel P Cave - Chair, Audrey T. Ho, Gordon L. Holloway
Please Note:
Temporary order issued on February 6, 2017. On June 1, 2018, the executive director discontinued the proceedings against the respondents Flexfi and Ardalan. On June 7, 2018, the panel revoked the temporary order as against Flexfi and Ardalan. On October 24, 2018, the executive director issued an Amended notice of hearing. On January 9, 201, the panel will set a date for the hearing. On December 3, 2018, the Panel extended the temporary order and adjourned the executive director's application to extend the temporary to January 9, 2019 at 9:00am. On November 6, 2018, the executive director discontinued the proceedings against respondents WL Strategic, Wang, FS Stellar, Chin and Aike Lim.

Notices & Decisions

Date Issued Document Type Description
2018-12-03 Notice 2018 BCSECCOM 376, further extension of temporary and adjournment
2018-11-06 Notice 2018 BCSECCOM 354, Further extension to temporary order
2018-11-05 Notice Hearing Notice - Adjournment, 2018 BCSECCOM 353
2018-10-24 Notice of hearing 2018 BCSECCOM 330 - Amended notice of hearing
2018-10-02 Notice 2018 BCSECCOM 302
2018-06-06 Revocation order 2018 BCSECCOM 178 - Partial revocation of temporary order
2018-06-01 Notice of discontinuance 2018 BCSECCOM 168
2018-05-22 Notice 2018 BCSECCOM 163
2017-07-21 Ruling 2017 BCSECCOM 238
2017-05-16 Notice 2017 BCSECCOM 171, Notice - extension of temporary order & adjournment
2017-03-08 Notice 2017 BCSECCOM 92, Notice of extension of temporary order & adjournment
2017-02-17 Temporary Order - Extension 2017 BCSECCOM 55
2017-02-07 News release News release
2017-02-06 Temporary order 2017 BCSECCOM 33