BridgeMark Financial Corp.; Jackson & Company Professional Corp.; Anthony Kevin Jackson; Lukor Capital Corp.; Justin Edgar Liu; Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (formerly known as Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.); Cameron Robert Paddock; Simran Singh Gill; JCN Capital Corp.; John Rosarino Bevilacqua; Essos Corporate Services Inc.; Sway Capital Corp.; Von Rowell Torres; David Matthew Schmidt; Detona Capital Corp.; Danilen Villanueva; Natasha Jon Emami; Altitude Marketing Corp.; Ryan Peter Venier; Platinum Capital Corp.; 658111 B.C. Ltd.; Jason Christopher Shull; Tryton Financial Corp.; Abeir Haddad; Tavistock Capital Corp.; Robert John Lawrence; Jarman Capital Inc.; Scott Jason Jarman; Northwest Marketing and Management Inc.; Aly Babu Husein Mawji; Rufiza Babu Husein Mawji-Esmail; Denise Marie Trainor; Randy White; Escher Invest SA; Hunton Advisory Ltd.; Kendl Capital Limited; Russell Grant Van Skiver; Bertho Holdings Ltd.; Robert William Boswell; Haight-Ashbury Media Consultants Ltd.; Ashkan Shahrokhi; Saiya Capital Corporation; Tara Kerry Haddad; Keir Paul MacPherson; Tollstam & Company Chartered Accountants; Albert Kenneth Tollstam; 727 Capital; David Raymond Duggan; Viral Stocks Inc.; 10X Capital; Cryptobloc Technologies Corp.; New Point Exploration Corp.; Green 2 Blue Energy Corp.; BLOK Technologies Inc.; Kootenay Zinc Corp.; Affinor Growers Inc.; Beleave Inc. ; Liht Cannabis Corp. (formerly known as Marapharm Ventures Inc.); PreveCeutical Medical Inc.; Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd.; Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.; 1153307 B.C. Ltd.; Executive Director

Date Opened:
Hearing Type:
Acting contrary to public interest; Illegal distribution
Hearing pending
Hearing Dates:
2018-12-07; 2019-04-09; 2020-05-27;
Nigel P Cave - Chair, Judith Downes, Audrey T. Ho
Please Note:
Temporary order issued and extended. On May 29, 2019, the Panel issued its Decision and Reasons for Decision and extended the Temporary Order until May 27, 2020. The hearing to extend the Temporary Orders will be held on May 27, 2020. On June 5, 2019, the Executive Director entered into a settlement agreement with Beleave Inc. and on June 11, 2019, discontinued proceedings against them. On October 8, 2019, Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal was filed on behalf of the BridgeMark group. On October 10, 2019, the Liu and Lukor Group filed a Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal.

Notices & Decisions

Date Issued Document Type Description
2019-11-18 Notice Motion of Motion for Leave to Appeal and Stay of Execution CA46428
2019-10-15 Order 2019 BCSECCOM 368
2019-10-10 Notice Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal CA46428
2019-10-08 Notice Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal - CA46425
2019-09-12 Decision Reasons for Decision 2019 BCSECCOM 331 - revised
2019-07-19 Order Order COR#2019/150
2019-07-16 Decision 2019 BCSECCOM 248
2019-06-28 Order 2019 BCSECCOM 231
2019-06-28 Order 2019 BCSECCOM 232
2019-06-17 Decision 2019 BCSECCOM 218
2019-06-11 Notice of discontinuance 2019 BCSEECOM 217
2019-06-05 Settlement Agreement 2019 BCSECCOM 208
2019-05-29 Decision 2019 BCSECCOM 191
2019-04-12 Order 2019 BCSECCOM 130
2019-01-16 News release News release
2019-01-15 Decision 2019 BCSECCOM 14
2018-11-26 Temporary order Temporary Order and Notice of Hearing, 2018 BCSECCOM 369
2018-11-26 News release News release