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Historical Blanket Orders and Rulings (BOR)

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Document Effective Rescinded Format
BOR 87/18 Certain Certificates For Government Securities And Zero Coupon Strip Bonds [Rescinded] 1987-03-23 1995-07-04 ---
BOR 87/29 A Policy of the Toronto Stock Exchange on Small Shareholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements [Rescinded] 1987-06-11 1997-12-01 ---
BOR 87/30 A Policy of the Montreal Exchange on Small Shareholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements [Rescinded] 1987-05-26 1997-12-01 ---
BOR 88/02 The Definition of "Exchange Issuer" [Rescinded] 1988-09-01 1999-11-26 ---
BOR 88/03 Transitional Rules Respecting Securities Traded Prior to September 1, 1988 Under an Exemption From Section 42 of the Securities Act [Rescinded] 1988-09-01 2000-12-08 ---
BOR 88/05 The Legending Of Certificates [Rescinded] 1988-09-01 1996-01-01 ---
BOR 88/06 The Filing Of Insider Reports By Control Persons [Rescinded] 1988-9-01 1996-02-07 ---
BOR 88/11 The Conflict of Interest Rules Statement and the Confirmation and Reporting of Transactions by Registrants [Rescinded] 1988-11-28 2001-04-26 ---
BOR 89/01 The Registration of Persons Trading in IOCC Options [Rescinded] 1989-01-26 2000-03-31 ---
BOR 89/02 The Requirement to Send Interim Financial Statements to Shareholders of a Reporting Issuer [Rescinded] 1988-03-01 1996-03-14 ---

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