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Report to the BC Securities Commission

Use this online form to submit a complaint with or without your name or contact information to us. At the end you will be able to receive an email copy of the complaint, if you provide your email to us.

If you are concerned about sending confidential or sensitive information to us over the internet, please mail or fax a separate form to us by visiting our Contact Us page.

If you have a complaint related to Shop Your Own Mortgage / My Mortgage Auction Corp., the BCSC is asking the public to provide voluntary disclosures of information using this form.

Please provide your contact information.

Please note that if you choose to not provide us contact information, we cannot follow up with you. Please provide as much detail as possible in your submission.

You may submit information without providing your name or contact information. However, anonymity cannot be guaranteed, as the information provided may reveal your identity indirectly.

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