Exempt Distribution Summary

Exempt distribution information has been summarized from reports of exempt distribution, Form 45-106F1 (previously Form 45-106F6, Form 45-103F4, 45-902F, and Form 20) filed with the British Columbia Securities Act under National Instrument 45-106, or where required by order issued under section 76 of the Securities Act.

To search for exempt distribution reports by exemption, use BCSC eServices: Search reports of exempt distribution.

Filings that used Form 45-902F are not available on our website, see BCN 2003/24 for more information.

Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the Form 45-106F1 are unavailable to the public.

Note: The list below shows the company or person(s) that filed exempt distribution reports in the last seven days. To view a complete listing select their name.

Issuer Name Exemption Document Type Distribution From Distribution To $ Amount Raised Filing Date