Chung-Shen “Johnson” Kao [Order and Settlement Agreement]

2019 BCSECCOM 338, 2019 BCSECCOM 370
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Order and Settlement Agreement
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2019 BCSECCOM 370

2019 BCSECCOM 338

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Chung-Shen “Johnson” Kao


Securities Act, RSBC 1996, c. 418 (the Act)




  1. The Executive Director of the British Columbia Securities Commission has entered into a settlement agreement with Chung-Shen “Johnson” Kao (Kao), a copy of which is attached as Schedule A.

  2. The Executive Director, considering it to be in the public interest to do so, orders (the Order) that:

    1.  under section 161(1)(d)(i), Kao resign any position he holds as a director or officer of an issuer or registrant;

    2.  Kao is prohibited for the latter of one year or until he has fulfilled his undertakings in paragraph 11 of the settlement agreement attached as Schedule A:

    a)  under section 161(1)(b)(ii), from trading in any securities or exchange contracts, except that he may trade securities through a registrant in one RRSP account and one TFSA account held in his own name, if he first provides a copy of the Order to the registrant; 

    b)  under section 161(1)(c), from being eligible for any or all of the exemptions set out in the Act, the regulations or a decision;

    c)  under section 161(1)(d)(ii), from becoming or acting as a director or officer of any issuer or registrant;

    d)  under section 161(1)(d)(iii), from becoming or acting as a registrant or promoter;

    e)  under section 161(1)(d)(iv), from acting in a management or consultative capacity in connection with activities in the securities market; and

    f)  under section 161(1)(d)(v), from engaging in investor relations activities.

  3. October 18  , 2019

    Peter J. Brady

  4. Peter J. Brady
    Executive Director