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Enforcement Division

Douglas Muir, Director, EnforcementDoug Muir

The Enforcement Division's mandate is to protect the investing public through the investigation of complaints and the enforcement of the Securities Act. The division is comprised of:

Case Assessment - is responsible for receiving and assessing complaints concerning alleged misconduct or abuse in the capital markets.
Investigation - is responsible for investigating alleged violations of the Act and preparing investigation briefs, which are referred to the Executive Director with recommendations for administrative proceedings before the Commission. Commission panels have broad powers under the Securities Act to take action against misconduct, including ordering market bans, administrative penalties, and the disgorgement of ill-gotten gains. BCSC decisions and settlements act as deterrents to those who seek to harm investors and our capital markets.
Criminal Investigation - is responsible for investigating and referring cases to Crown Counsel for possible prosecution in the Provincial Court. The courts can then impose penalties, including jail terms and fines, which can act as deterrents for those for whom administrative penalties are not a deterrent.
Litigation - is responsible for conducting administrative proceedings before the Commission, providing legal representation to staff in administrative proceedings, representing the Commission before the courts of British Columbia and providing legal advice to staff.