Byer, Daniel Eric

Date of Order or Settlement:
Banned Until:

    Permanent trading ban (2008)

    Permanent director/officer ban (2008)

    Permanent ban from being registered under the Securities Act (2008)

    Permanent ban from being an investment fund manager or promoter (2008)

    Permanent ban from acting in a management or consultative capacity (2008)

    Permanent investor relations ban (2008)

    1-year director/officer ban (1989)

Supporting Documents:

    Fraud (2008)

    Illegal distribution (2008)

    Illegal trading (2008)

    Failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a director (1989)

Ruling Body:
Sanction Payment Status:

$2,439,585.95 in disgorgement and a $1.5 million administrative penalty (2008)

$1,000 in costs (1989)