Ross, Stanley Steven

Date of Order or Settlement:
Banned Until:

    7-year trading ban (2007) (BCSC)

    7-year director/officer ban with conditions (2007) (BCSC)

    7-year investor relations ban (2007) (BCSC)

    An Order to comply fully with the Securities Act, the Securities Rules and any applicable regulations (2007) (BCSC)


    7-year trading ban with conditions (1999) (BCSC)

    7-year director/officer ban (1999) (BCSC)

    7-year investor relations ban (1999) (BCSC)

    An undertaking to comply with the Securities Act (1999) (BCSC)

Supporting Documents:

    Unregistered trading (2007) (BCSC)

    Acting contrary to the public interest  (1999) (BCSC)

    Failure to disclose material facts (1999) (VSE)

    Trading without written authorization (1999) (VSE)

    Acting in violation of VSE By-Laws and Rules (1999) (VSE)

Ruling Body:
BCSC, Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE)
Sanction Payment Status:

$50,000 (2007) (BCSC)


$130,000 (1999) (VSE)

$135,000 disgorgment of profits (1999) (VSE)

$10,000 in costs (1999) (VSE)

Permanent removal of Exchange approval (1999) (VSE)