Name Forrest, Edna
Date of Order or Settlement April 22, 2009

18-year ban from purchasing and trading in securities or exchange contracts with conditions (BCSC)

Permanent director/officer ban with conditions (BCSC)

Permanent ban from becoming or acting as a registrant, investment fund manager or promoter (BCSC)

Permanent ban from acting in a managing or consultative capacity in connection with activities in the securities market (BCSC)

Permanent investor relations ban (BCSC)

Payment Agreed / Ordered $200,000 plus $26,399.18 in costs (ASC)

Fraud (ASC)

Misrepresentations (ASC)

Failure to file an offering memorandum and reports of distributions(ASC)

Making false certificates in offering memoranda (ASC)

Unregistered trading (ASC)

Illegal distribution (ASC)

Making false or misleading statments under oath (ASC)

Acting contrary to the public interest (ASC)

Ruling Body BCSC, Alberta Securities Commission (ASC)
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Reciprocal Order

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