Biller, Francis (Frank) Jason Dean

Date of Order or Settlement:
Banned Until:

    Permanent trading ban (2007)

    Permanent director/officer ban (2007)

    Permanent investor relations ban (2007)

    An Order to comply fully with the Securities Act, the Securities Rules and regulations (2007)

    10-year trading ban (2000)

    10-year director/officer ban (2000)

    10-year investor relations ban (2000)

Supporting Documents:

    Breach of Order (2007)

    Unregistered trading (2007)

    Acting contrary to the public interest (2007)

    Unregistered trading (2000)

    Unregistered distribution (2000)

    Misrepresentation (2000)

    Fraud (2000)

    Actin contrary to the public interest (2000)

Ruling Body:
Sanction Payment Status:
$300,000 plus costs of up to $69,841.73 (2000)