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In a global, information economy, investment solicitations can come from anywhere in the world. The British Columbia Securities Commission takes a proactive approach to help protect BC investors by publishing an Investment Caution List. This list provides investors with the names of:

  • Unregistered foreign brokerage firms that have solicited BC investors to open trading accounts
  • Businesses from other jurisdictions that have solicited BC residents to buy unqualified investments
  • Businesses connected, or purporting to be connected, to BC that have solicited investors in other jurisdictions to purchase unqualified investments

The Investment Caution List does not identify all unregistered activity or unqualified securities being promoted in the province. In compiling the Investment Caution List, the BCSC relies on information it receives from the public or other agencies. Before adding any name to the list, the BCSC assesses the information and confirms that the business or individual is engaging in this type of activity.


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Name Date Added to the List 2013-08-06
4XP Investments & Trading 2012-03-15
6149154 Canada Inc. 2011-08-25
Abler Finance 2014-09-26
Accredited International 2013-03-15
Ameron Oil and Gas Ltd. 2010-09-23
Anchor Securities Limited 2011-08-29
Anyoption 2013-07-08
Arial Trading, LLC 2008-11-20
Ava FX 2012-03-15
Banc de Binary Ltd. 2013-07-29
Beltway M&A 2009-10-06
Best Commodity Options 2012-08-01
Better Returns Investment Group 2013-04-16
Bforex 2013-09-23
Binary Goal 2014-12-11
Black Gold International, Ltd. 2009-12-17
BluePort Capital Corp. 2011-12-16
Boyd Clark Resource Capital Solutions 2014-09-19
Capital One Forex Limited 2014-11-06
Cedar Finance and T.B.S.F. Best Strategy Finance Limited 2014-02-12
China International Capital Group 2012-08-21
CNF Candy Corp. 2010-04-30
Complete Options Trading 2011-03-04
Corolla Financial 2013-03-14
Coventry Trading S.A. 2014-12-08
CRH Management Group 2010-10-19
Dawson & Fielding Inc. 2010-05-11
Douglas Charles 2011-01-21
Duvel Group of Canada 2010-12-01
Eastern Metal Securities 2014-10-01
Economists & Lawyers 2014-07-29
Ecovexco Investment Group, LLC 2015-02-20
EFD Financial Group 2010-07-23
EMT Forex 2009-08-07
EZTrader / WGM Services Ltd. 2013-10-17
Fanrong Capital 2014-08-19
Featherstone and Bellman 2010-09-27
Felmina Alliance 2013-04-08
Flag Resources (1985) Limited 2012-12-18
Forteco Trading Ltd. 2011-12-06
Fortress Global Markets 2013-08-29
Fortune Investment Group 2011-12-13 2014-01-16
FXDD Malta Limited 2011-04-29
Genius Funds 2010-03-04
GIFG (Suisse) S.A.; Geneva International Financial Group (GIFG); GIFG (UK) Ltd 2008-11-20
Global Settlements Group 2014-06-04
Golden Futures Trader 2011-05-27
Goldman and Lyle 2012-02-10

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