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BCSC panel extends temporary orders

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 Vancouver – A British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) panel has extended temporary prohibitions that were previously imposed on several individuals, companies and issuers in November 2018.

Temporary orders were extended for the following individuals and companies, prohibiting them from trading in and purchasing securities of specific issuers: Anthony Kevin Jackson, Lukor Capital Corp., Justin Edgar Liu, Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc., Cameron Robert Paddock, Simran Singh Gill, JCN Capital Corp., John Rosarino Bevilacqua, Essos Corporate Services Inc., Sway Capital Corp., Von Rowell Torres, Detona Capital Corp., Danilen Villanueva, Altitude Marketing Corp., Ryan Peter Venier, Platinum Capital Corp., 658111 B.C. Ltd., Jason Christopher Shull, Tavistock Capital Corp., Robert John Lawrence, Jarman Capital Inc., Scott Jason Jarman, Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., Rufiza Babu Husein Mawji-Esmail, Denise Marie Trainor, Aly Babu Husein Mawji, Escher Invest SA, Hunton Advisory Ltd., Randy White, Kendl Capital Limited, 1153307 B.C. Ltd., Russell Grant Van Skiver, Bertho Holdings Ltd., Robert William Boswell, Haight-Ashbury Media Consultants Ltd., Ashkan Shahrokhi, Keir Paul MacPherson, Tollstam & Company Chartered Accountants, and Albert Kenneth Tollstam. The prohibition pertains to the trading in and purchasing of securities of Cryptobloc Technologies Corp., New Point Exploration Corp., Green 2 Blue Energy Corp. and BLOK Technologies.

In addition, the above individuals and companies are prohibited from purchasing any securities of an issuer listed on the CSE that are distributed using the consultant exemption for distribution of securities without a prospectus.

Temporary orders were extended against Cryptobloc, New Point, Green 2 Blue and BLOK, prohibiting them from relying on the consultant exemption to distribute securities without a prospectus.

The orders will expire May 27, 2020, unless further extended through an application of the Executive Director or the panel’s own motion.

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