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Administrative Enforcement

When staff at the BC Securities Commission believe that the Securities Act may have been violated by a person or company, the Executive Director can present the allegations in a Notice of Hearing.

The Notice of Hearing sets in motion a hearing process. A panel of BCSC commissioners hears testimony and reviews evidence presented by BCSC investigators, respondents and victims. Based on that testimony and evidence, and the law, the panel decides whether the respondents violated BC’s Securities Act, and if so, what sanctions to impose, including monetary penalties and bans from market participation.

Administrative hearings take place at the BCSC, on the 12th Floor of 701 West Georgia Street, in Vancouver, BC. Hearings usually start at 10 am each hearing day. Hearing dates and times are subject to change and are updated on the hearing schedule.

The respondents might also agree to a settlement with the BCSC’s Executive Director instead of submitting to a hearing. Monetary sanctions and bans from market activity can also be part of settlements.

For anyone involved in investigations and hearings who is unfamiliar with the BCSC’s procedures can refer to: Your Guide to Settlements and Hearings.

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