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Raising Capital

The BC Securities Commission fosters a dynamic and competitive securities industry that provides investment opportunities and access to capital.

BC issuers can sell securities anywhere in the world, subject to also meeting local securities laws, under either:

  • a prospectus, or
  • an exemption from the prospectus requirement.

A prospectus is a detailed disclosure document that accompanies the public offering of the issuer’s securities. They must also keep their investors informed of their affairs by providing ongoing (continuous) disclosure. They may also choose to list their securities on a stock exchange such as TSX, TSXV, CSE, or NEO.

Issuers may also sell their securities to certain investors under exemptions from the prospectus requirements. This “exempt” or “private placement” market is available to all companies and investment funds.

Guidance on the following pages is designed to help companies and funds understand how to raise money in a timely and efficient way and avoid unintended compliance problems.

Information & Resources for Companies