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Hearing Standards

These are our standards for performing our adjudicative functions:

Independence & Objectivity

  • We act without conflict of interest, bias, influence, or pressure.
  • We reach decisions based only on the evidence, the law, and the public interest.

Openness & Accessibility

  • Our processes are transparent.
  • We give information in plain language to parties and witnesses about our processes, possible orders, and avenues of appeal.
  • Our processes accommodate those without legal representation.
  • Our premises are accessible.


  • We hold our hearings as soon as practicable after the notice of hearing.
  • We meet the decision release guidelines in our hearings policy.


  • We manage hearings to be efficient and cost effective for the parties.


  • We support our decisions with reasons, and write them in plain language.


  • We are qualified and competent.


  • We respect parties and witnesses and their counsel.