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Crowdfunding & Capital Raising for Small Business in the Private Placement Market

WhenWednesday, November 16, 2016
This event has passed.
WherePinnacle Hotel Harbourfront - Tuscany Room - 1133 Hastings St W
Vancouver BC

Small businesses create jobs and make a significant contribution to BC's economy. They need money to start, maintain, and grow their operations. A large portion of small business funding comes from entrepreneurs themselves and traditional funding sources such as bank loans. At some point, however, many businesses will turn to private investors.

As the government agency responsible for regulating capital raising, securities trading, and investor protection in BC, the BC Securities Commission wants to help small businesses understand how to raise money in a timely and efficient way and avoid unintended compliance problems.

BCSC staff used a case study during the presentation hosted by the Vancouver Board of Trade's Small Business Council Thrive Series that:

  • Clarified how raising money from private investors differs from raising money in public markets
  • Detailed when securities laws apply to your business and what they are
  • Explained how securities laws facilitate efficient and timely financings, including crowdfunding
  • And, pointed you to useful resources

For more information, please refer to the BCSC's Capital Raising for Small Business Guide

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