How We Keep Your Information Secure and Accurate

Accurate Collection

We make every reasonable effort to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. Whenever possible, we take in your information exactly as provided and avoid re-keying data. We rely on you to update your information when it changes and we provide you with direct access to your online accounts to make these changes yourself.

Periodically we may ask you to verify your personal information and provide you with an opportunity to update or correct it.

You may request access to our records that include your personal information; you may also request corrections to your personal information. We will make the correction or annotate the record if we refuse to make the correction. If we have disclosed your personal information in the past year to third parties, we will notify them of the change. We will verify your identity to ensure we do not change your personal information without your consent.

Secure Retention

Your data is always password-protected while we have it, including when it is stored on a portable computer or device. Our paper records are stored securely.

We have a business continuity plan that includes regular backups of your electronic information and storage offsite. We are capable of recovering an accurate copy of your personal information in an emergency.

Protected Transmission

When we transmit sensitive information, we use secure methods. We do not send your personal information by fax or unencrypted email unless you request and authorize us to do so. When we receive your information online, we use secure servers. We process credit card information through a secure third-party service provider. We do not keep your credit card data on file.

Appropriate Disposal

We maintain and dispose of our records according to requirements in the Information Management Act New window. We have an approved records management schedule that manages the lifecycle of our records, including the scheduled destruction of materials that we no longer need. We send records with enduring value to the BC Archives for permanent retention. 

When destroying documents, we follow government standards New window designed to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information and to ensure obliteration.

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