Governance Manual

The commission's governance structure is designed to meet the requirements set out in relevant securities legislation and government guidelines. The Governance Manual describes the commission's governance structure and the practices the board uses to discharge its governance responsibilities.

The Governance Manual comprises:

The board is informed about emerging best governance practices and updates the Governance Manual when appropriate. The governance committee reviews the Governance Manual annually.

Ethics & Conduct Policy

The commission has an Ethics and Conduct Policy that meets the government's Standards of Ethical Conduct for Directors of Public Sector Organizations (2005, Board Resourcing and Development Office, Office of the Premier).

Compliance with Government Guidelines

The commission's governance practices meet the government's Best Practice Guidelines - BC Governance and Disclosure Guidelines for Governing Boards Of Public Sector Organizations, with one exception. The Chair of the commission functions as both chair and chief executive officer. The governance policy describes the mechanisms in place to balance the combination of the chair and chief executive roles, and explains how those mechanisms provide appropriate governance outcomes.


We are committed to protecting your privacy through responsible information management practices. We manage and protect personal information according to provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Securities Act, and BCSC Policies.

BC Ombudsperson

The BCSC strives to act fairly and reasonably in its dealings with individual members of the public. The BCSC restricts communications with the public in accordance with the attached Policy.