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Accredited International / Accredited FX

Date added:March 15, 2013

Centro Corporativo Plaza Roble, Escazu
Edificio El Portico Primer Nivel
San Jose, Costa Rica

www.accreditedfx.com, (link no longer operational) 

Supporting Documents:MSC Investor Alert New window 

The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) issued an investor alert on March 5, 2013, warning the public to exercise caution if approached to invest in foreign currency exchange (Forex) contracts.   
The MSC issued the investor alert after becoming aware of a Manitoba resident who was solicited by Accredited International, also known as Accredited FX (AFX), a purported Forex dealer located in Costa Rica.   

We are not aware of any British Columbia residents who have been solicited by AFX.

AFX is not registered in British Columbia to trade in securities or exchange contracts. 

We urge British Columbia residents to exercise caution when dealing with firms that are not registered in British Columbia.