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Date added:September 23, 2013


Supporting Documents:

ASC Undertaking New window 


On June 29, 2012, the Alberta Securities Commission (the ASC) posted an Investor Alert about Bforex Ltd. (Bforex), because the ASC staff had received information that Bforex appeared to be soliciting Alberta investors through the Internet to trade in securities without being registered.

Subsequent to the publication of the ASC’s Investor Alert, Bforex contacted the ASC and signed an Undertaking, on July 12, 2012, under which it undertook not to act as a derivatives dealer in Canada and not to allow Canadian clients to use or access its services.  Bforex also blocked, and undertook to continue to block, access to its website for users with Canadian IP addresses, and for users who declare that they reside in Canada or are acting on behalf of a Canadian resident. 

 The British Columbia Securities Commission has not received any information or complaints that would suggest that Bforex is not complying with the terms of the Undertaking.