Marklin Investment Group

Date added:February 24, 2014

Aberdeen Town Square
1077 Highway 34, Suite C
Aberdeen, NJ 07747-2151

5640 Summer Avenue, Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38134
USA (no longer operational)


We recently became aware of the website of Marklin Investment Group (MIG).  MIG purports to be a private investment firm, located in Aberdeen Township, New Jersey.  MIG offers its clients investments in Forex, real estate, and oil and gas.   

MIG’s website offers prospective clients three different investment opportunities to earn a return of up to 12 times their invested amount in 14 days.
MIG is not registered in British Columbia to trade or advise in securities or exchange contracts and has not qualified its investment offerings by a prospectus. 

We urge British Columbia residents to exercise caution when dealing with firms that are not registered in British Columbia and are selling unqualified investments.