Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

Registration Requirements and Categories
Section 34 of the Securities Act New window states that a person must not; (i) trade in a security or exchange contract; (ii) act as an adviser; (iii) act as an investment fund manager; or (iv) act as an underwriter, unless the person is registered in accordance with the regulations and in the category prescribed for the purpose of the activity.  The categories of registration are set out in Part 2 (for individuals) and Part 7 (for firms) of National Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations

Applying for Registration
An individual or firm that wants to register must file an application form. Under National Instrument 33-109 Registration Requirements and National Instrument 31-102 National Registration Database, individuals file the individual application form, Form 33-109F4, on the National Registration Database or NRD. Firms file the application form, Form 33-109F6, as a paper filing, by fax, or scanned in in an email.

Do branch and sub-branch offices need to be registered?

Yes. All branches, including sub-branches and home offices, need to be registered. Applications must be filed through the National Registration Database (NRD).
Ref: Form 33-109F3 Business Locations Other than Head Office (previously Form 7).