Notice of BCSC Non-Objection to MFDA’s Amended Rules of Procedure

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On July 13, 2010, the BCSC and the MFDA's other recognizing regulators1 did not object to, not disapprove or approve2 , as the case may be, the MFDA's amended Rules of Procedure.

Amendments made to the MFDA Rules of Procedure reflect minor housekeeping amendments, enhancements based on past proceedings and new provisions governing applications for interim relief (Part E) and the appointment of monitors to manage the affairs of MFDA members (Part F).
The BCSC published the amended MFDA Rules of Procedure for comment on its website on July 31, 2009 for a 90-day comment period.  The MFDA did not receive any comments.  Some non-material changes have been made to subsections 18.1(2) and 21.1(1) and section 24.9 of the amended MFDA Rules of Procedure since it was published for comment.  These changes were made to either correct typographical errors or address inconsistencies.  We attach a blacklined copy of the amended MFDA Rules of Procedure showing the changes to the version published in July 2009.

July 16, 2010

Ref:  Proposed Amendments to MFDA Rules of Procedure

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1 The Alberta Securities Commission, Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission, Manitoba Securities Commission, Ontario Securities Commission, New Brunswick Securities Commission and Nova Scotia Securities Commission.
2 Non-objection, non-disapproval and approval are the different ways in which the recognizing regulators express their decisions after reviewing proposed MFDA rules.