Outreach for Finders


BCSC Main Hearing Room, 12th Floor, 701 West Georgia Street,
Vancouver, BC


Those who assist or intend to assist issuers in raising capital in BC (finders) that are not registered under the Securities Act (BC) and professionals that support or advise finders, were invited to attend an outreach session on.

This session explained registration and the corresponding registration process, proficiency, financial, and business conduct requirements for finders.

We want to thank all the members from the finders' community who attended the in-person session, as well as those who attended through our online webinar platform. No printed materials were provided at the door.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact either Susana Chan at or the Outreach Team at



PowerPoint Presentation


*due to recording difficulties, the audio for this session was cut short, we apologize for the inconvenience*

Supporting Video:

Registration Primer For Finders