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Receiver appointed to distribute more than $10 million to investors (ENGLISH and CHINESE)

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Vancouver - On April 7, 2017, the B.C. Securities Commission applied to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for an order appointing Grant Thornton Limited as a Receiver, to distribute to investors, certain funds of Bossteam E-Commerce Inc., Yan Zhu (a.k.a. Rachel Zhu), and Guan Qiang Zhang.  The Court granted the order and Grant Thornton Limited will now administer a claims process to return funds to investors.

The Commission issued freeze orders against certain bank accounts that collectively held USD $9,725,899 and CAD $293,233. That money remains frozen. The BCSC also registered a charge on land Zhu owned and has collected approximately $122,810 from the sale of that land.

In August 2014, a Commission panel found that Bossteam, Zhu, and Zhang committed fraud, illegally distributed securities, and withheld information from BCSC investigators. In June 2015, the Panel issued sanctions against the respondents, including monetary orders and prohibitions against participating in the capital markets.

As the Receiver, Grant Thornton Limited will take possession of the frozen funds, receive and decide investors' claims, and return money to investors.  

The Commission encourages investors who lost money to Bossteam, Zhu, and Zhang to submit their Proof of Claim to Grant Thornton Limited. Information on how to submit a Proof of Claim, as well as a copy of the Court order and other relevant documents, are available on the website: www.bossteamclaims.com.

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發佈日期:2017 年4月12日

NR 17-37



溫哥華- 在2017 年4 月7 日,卑斯證監會向卑斯最高法院申請法令任命Grant Thornton Limited 為接收管理人向投資者分發Bossteam E-Commerce Inc., Yan Zhu (又名Rachel Zhu)和Guan Qiang Zhang的某些款項。法院頒下法令及Grant Thornton Limited現將會執行認領過程,把錢退回投資者。


在2014年8月,專員小组判Bossteam, Zhu和Zhang行騙,非法售賣證券及向卑斯證監會調查員隱瞞資料。在2015年6月,專員小組向答辯人發出制裁,包括金錢令和禁止參與資本市場。

作為接收管理人,Grant Thornton Limited會接收凍結的資金,接受和決定投資者認領的申請和把錢退回投資者。

證監會鼓勵於Bossteam, Zhu和Zhang中損失金錢的投資者向Grant Thornton Limited提交認領證明。有關如何提交認領證明的資料及該法院法令和其他相關的文件可以在網址:www.bossteamclaims.com中找到。




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