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BCSC seeks to return investors’ funds recovered in Oei fraud case/卑詩證監會發還在黄世惠欺詐案中追回的投資者資金

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Vancouver – Investors defrauded by Paul Se Hui Oei and Canadian Manu Immigration & Financial Services Inc. can apply to get some of their money back, after the B.C. Securities Commission (BCSC) received partial payment of a financial sanction.

The BCSC has received $69,887.85 from a party other than Oei or Canadian Manu, which it will distribute to eligible claimants. The BCSC has published a notice about the availability of funds, and investors who lost money as a direct result of Oei’s misconduct may make a claim using this form no later than August 11, 2023.

In 2017, a BCSC panel found that Oei and three companies he controlled committed fraud when they misappropriated investors’ funds and used them for their own purposes. Oei and his companies raised approximately $13.3 million for two start-up companies, but did not direct all of the investors’ funds toward start-up costs, as investors were told.

In addition to permanent market prohibitions against Oei and the three companies, the panel ordered Oei and Canadian Manu to pay combined administrative penalties of $5.5 million. The panel also ordered Oei and Canadian Manu to pay approximately $3.1 million for the amount obtained from wrongdoing.

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(溫哥華訊)卑詩省證券監管委員會 (BCSC)表示,已經收到黄世惠 (Paul Se Hui Oei) 和 Canadian Manu 移民及金融服務有限公司詐騙案中一項金融制裁的部份金額,被騙的投資者可向卑詩證監會申請索回部份資金。

卑詩證監會已經從並非黄世惠或 Canadian Manu的一方收到 69,887.85 加元,並會將該筆款項分發給符合條件的索賠人。卑詩證監會已發佈了該筆可動用資金的有關通知,因黄世惠的不當行為直接蒙受損失的投資者可在 2023 年 8 月 11 日之前使用此表格提出索賠。

在2017 年,卑詩證監會的一個審裁小組裁定黄世惠和他控制的三家公司犯了詐騙罪,他們挪用投資者資金並將其用於自己私人的目的。黄世惠和他的公司為兩家初創公司籌集了大約 1330 萬加元,但並沒有像告知投資者的那樣將所有投資者的款項用於創始資金。

審裁小組除了對黄世惠和他的三家公司實施金融證券市場的永久制裁之外,還判令黄世惠和 Canadian Manu繳付合共550 萬加元的行政罰款。另外,審裁小組還命令黄世惠和 Canadian Manu 償還大約 310 萬加元因其不法行為所得的款項。


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