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Strategic Global Investments / SGI Traders SA

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Head office: 
70 West Madison Street
Three First National Plaza
Suite 1400
Chicago, Illinois 60602-4270

Offshore Money Management and Banking Division:
Avenida 1, Calle 12
San José, Costa Rica, (link no longer operational)


In 2012, representatives of Strategic Global Investments (SGI), which is also known as SGI Traders SA, have solicited at least one British Columbia resident to open a commodity trading account and invest in gold options.  On its Web site, SGI claims to be a commodity and forex broker that provides trading and advising services.

SGI is not registered in British Columbia to trade in, or advise on, securities and exchange contracts.

We urge British Columbia residents to exercise extreme caution when dealing with firms that are not registered to trade or advise in British Columbia.