MTR Global

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Head Office

12/F Tokyo Banker’s Club Building
1-7-2 Marunouchi
Tokyo 100-0005
Telephone: 81 3 6388 0372
Fax: 81 3 6388 0373

Canadian Office
Georgia Business Center
1500 West Georgia Street, 15th Floor
Vancouver, BC  V6G 2Z6
Telephone: (778) 724-0818
Fax: (778) 785-6836 (link no longer operational)


A resident of Denmark (the Victim) complained to us that, in April and May of 2013, he was contacted by a representative of MTR Global and solicited to buy directly from MTR Global, at a discounted price, the shares of SilverCrest Mines Inc., which has its securities publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange and the NYSE MKT LLC, and a non-public company, called Ax Resources, which is purportedly located in China.  MTR Global instructed the Victim to send his payment for the shares to a bank account located in Shanghai, China, but he did not receive his promised shares.  Subsequently, in July of 2013, a person claiming to be a “federal agent” for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the FDIC), in the United States, contacted the Victim and advised him that the United States government had frozen MTR Global’s assets.  The Victim was asked to send additional information to the “federal agent”, so that the FDIC could allegedly arrange to have the Victim’s invested funds returned to him.
On its website, MTR Global claims to be involved in venture capital funding to companies.  Visitors to the MTR Global website can also download an “Account Opening Form For New Account Holders”, which, purportedly, allows a person to open a securities trading account with MTR Global.  

MTR Global has never been registered to trade in securities in or from British Columbia.  Furthermore, the Canadian office address listed on MTR Global’s website, in Vancouver, British Columbia, does not exist.

We urge British Columbia residents to exercise extreme caution, if approached by anyone offering this type of investment.