About the Commission

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is the independent provincial government agency responsible for regulating securities trading in British Columbia through the administration of the Securities Act.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect and promote the public interest by fostering:

  • A securities market that is fair and warrants public confidence
  • A dynamic and competitive securities industry that provides investment opportunities and access to capital

Our vision

To play a leading role in securities regulation that inspires investor confidence and supports fair, efficient, and innovative Canadian capital markets

Our values

We are committed to smarter regulation and keeping pace with fast-evolving capital markets. We expect our people to exemplify the following values in their work:

  • Excellence - we commit to high standards and take pride in our work
  • Service - we provide efficient, timely, and responsive service
  • Integrity - we act fairly and ethically
  • Accountability - we take responsibility for meeting our commitments
  • Resourcefulness - we take a risk-based approach and are proactive, innovative, and cost-effective

We use a performance management system to measure and reward the application of these values in four core attributes or behaviours:

  • Drive for results - Exhibit a sense of urgency . Push for high levels of accomplishment. Think of better ways to do our jobs. Set and meet specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based objectives.
  • Effective communication - State expectations clearly, express ideas well, and keep others informed. Use plain language to communicate.
  • Problem solving - Anticipate and focus on important, well-defined problems. Break complex problems into manageable parts. Use good judgement to form opinions by weighing evidence and testing premises. Measure the effectiveness of implemented solutions.
  • Teamwork and cooperation - Work together to maximize each other's talents to accomplish the BCSC's goals. Act professionally and cooperatively. Contribute to team effectiveness by thinking independently. Support and advance team goals.

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Our approach to regulation

We regulate to protect our investors and market integrity. Our legal authority and resources equip us with some powerful regulatory tools. We can:

  • impose requirements through rules and other regulatory instruments
  • provide guidance
  • monitor compliance and demand corrective action
  • take enforcement action
  • educate market participants and investors

The BCSC's enabling legislation is the Securities Act, RSBC 1996, c.418.New window

Learn more about Securities Regulation in British Columbia.

Funding and our accountability processes

At the beginning of each year, we prepare and submit a 2014-2017 BCSC Service Plan PDF to the Treasury Board, a committee of Cabinet. Our service plan commits us to performance targets for each year. At the end of each year, we prepare and submit to the minister responsible for the Act an annual report on our performance against the service plan. Our annual report includes our annual audited financial statements and is tabled in the British Columbia Legislature. We also prepare quarterly financial statements, an annual Financial Information Act report, and an annual Executive Compensation Disclosure PDF.

In January 2014, the BCSC chair and the Minister of Finance signed a Government's Letter of Expectations PDF. This letter sets out the respective roles and responsibilities of the BCSC and the province of British Columbia and, at a high level, the government’s expectations of the BCSC.

Securities market participants fund our operations through fees they pay under the Securities Act.

Our inter-jurisdictional ties

The BCSC regularly cooperates and coordinates with American federal and state regulators in enforcement matters. We are also active in organizations that represent Canadian, North American, pan-American, and international securities regulators respectively:

The BCSC is a signatory to several memoranda of understanding for cooperation, consultation and the exchange of information with foreign securities regulators.

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Last Updated: 2/27/2014