Requirements for Local Exemption Application

What information must be included with my local exemption application?

To ensure your application is handled quickly and effectively, you must include:

1. A letter that:
  • indicates that this is a local application
  • describes the transaction and the parties involved
  • describes what relief is needed
  • identifies who needs the relief
  • outlines the sections of the securities legislation where relief is required
  • includes the relevant sections of the securities legislation that give the authority to grant the relief
  • describes the reasons why it would be appropriate to grant the relief
  • includes the names of similar recent local orders, decisions made by the BCSC or decisions of other Canadian regulators
  • discusses how the application compares to the previous local orders, decisions made by the BCSC or decisions of another Canadian regulator(s)

2. A draft local order. To find previous orders and decision documents, check BCSC eServices using Research Exemption Orders.

3. A verification statement - set out in the form described in section 2.8(b) of BC Policy 45-601.

4. Copies of any supporting documents.

5. Applicable fees and a completed Fee Checklist.

You should provide an electronic copy of the application materials, including the draft decision document. You can do this by submitting your application through the British Columbia Securities Commission's eServices or by including a CD-ROM copy with your application if filed by courier or mail.

Your application can be submitted to the Director, Corporate Finance, or if the application relates to registration, exchanges, or marketplaces, to the Director, Capital Markets Regulation, at the BCSC by:

(for any applications if relief required in B.C.)


(with original to follow by courier or mail)


BC Securities Commission
12th floor, 701 West Georgia
Vancouver, B.C.


BC Securities Commission
PO Box 10142, Pacific Centre
701 West Georgia
Vancouver, B.C. V7Y 1L2

Prior to submitting your application be sure to check our Helpful Tips and Reminders as well as the Most Common Errors to avoid any unnecessary delays.