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Requirements for Local Exemption Application

What information must be included with my local exemption application?

To ensure your application is handled quickly and effectively, you must include:

1. A letter that:
  • indicates that this is a local application
  • describes the transaction and the parties involved
  • describes what relief is needed
  • identifies who needs the relief
  • outlines the sections of the securities legislation where relief is required
  • includes the relevant sections of the securities legislation that give the authority to grant the relief
  • describes the reasons why it would be appropriate to grant the relief
  • includes the names of similar recent local orders, decisions made by the BCSC or decisions of other Canadian regulators
  • discusses how the application compares to the previous local orders, decisions made by the BCSC or decisions of another Canadian regulator(s)

2. A draft local order. To find previous orders and decision documents, check BCSC eServices using Research Exemption Orders. For decisions granting relief from issuer regulations made after launch of SEDAR+, also check SEDAR+.

3. A verification statement - set out in the form described in section 2.8(b) of BC Policy 45-601.

4. Copies of any supporting documents.

5. Applicable fees and a completed Fee Checklist.