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Tips & Reminders

  1. You can find recent local orders and decisions made by the BC Securities Commission under National Policy 11-203 Process for Exemptive Relief Applications in Multiple Jurisdictions (NP 11-203) on our website. You can view a list in chronological order, or research exemption orders in BCSC eServices to find orders by the type of exemption.
  2. You can find decisions made by other Canadian jurisdictions either on their websites or through CANLII at You can access other jurisdictions' websites from the BCSC Securities Industry Links page.
  3. Following launch of SEDAR+, applications for relief from issuer regulations must be filed on SEDAR+. You can search SEDAR+ for exemption orders made on applications filed on SEDAR+. These will include orders made by the BC Securities Commission as well as orders made by other Canadian jurisdictions.
  4. Use plain language.
  5. Apply well ahead of the date when you need the relief. Our goal is to make a decision within 20 business days from the date we receive the application, unless the application raises novel policy issues. It may take more or less time, depending on how complete your application is, how quickly comments are resolved, and how well the order or decision is drafted.
  6. Provide a compelling reason if you request an expedited review of an application. It is only available in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Be aware that we cannot grant retroactive relief.
  8. If you request confidentiality, provide reasons why it is necessary.
  9. Remember to include a table of concordance or footnote section references for dual applications, coordinated review applications and hybrid applications.
  10. If you are filing a coordinated review application or a hybrid application, remember to send the application concurrently to all jurisdictions where the relief is required.
  11. If you are filing a dual application, remember to send the application concurrently to the principal regulator and to the Ontario Securities Commission.