11-501 Waiver of File Search Fees for the Media [BCI]

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11-501 [BCI]
Published: 2000-12-08
Effective: 2000-12-07

The British Columbia Securities Commission, having considered it to be in the public interest, orders, effective January 1, 2001, that

1. BC Instrument 11-501 entitled "Waiver of File Search Fees for the Media" is made;

2. BOR#92/1 is revoked.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on December 7, 2000.

Douglas M. Hyndman


(This part is for administrative purposes only and is not part of the Order)

Authority under which Order is made:
Act and sections:- Securities Act, section 171
Other (specify):- Securities Regulation, section 22(2)



Order Under Section 22(2) of theSecurities Regulation

1. The fee prescribed under item 25 of section 22 of the Securities Regulation, B.C. Reg. 196/97 does not apply in respect of a representative of the media.

2. For the purposes of this Order, a representative of the media includes

(1) a newspaper, magazine, radio or television station, or other bona fide medium of mass communication, or

(2) a news service, network or other affiliation of newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations, or other bona fide medium of mass communication,

but does not include a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, pamphlet or other record published or sponsored by an issuer, registrant, promoter, public relations or investor relations firm, law firm, accounting firm, geological or engineering firm, consulting firm, or other person whose principal business is not publishing.