11-701 Reorganization of Regulatory Documents [BCN]

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11-701 [BCN]
Published: 2001-06-28
Effective: 2001-06-29

As indicated originally in BCN 2000/53, the Commission has adopted a new system for organizing our regulatory documents.

Other than notices advising of changes, all documents are renumbered under the subject-based five-digit system in use for local documents since July 1, 1999. This is the same subject-based numbering system used for CSA documents. You can find an explanation of the numbering system on our website at www.bcsc.bc.ca under "Database Details" on our Commission Documents Database page.

All documents fall into one of five categories:

BC Notices (BCNs)- BCNs are generally temporary documents requesting comment on proposed instruments or policies, or announcing the adoption of new documents or changes to existing ones. They are numbered in the year/number format, e.g. BCN 2001/32.

BCNs that request comment are normally eliminated one month after the expiry of the comment period. BCNs that announce the adoption of new instruments or changes to existing ones are normally eliminated three months after the later of the effective date and the end of any transitional period.

Some BCNs deal with content of a more permanent nature (such as this one) and are numbered using the five-digit numbering system.

BC Interpretation Notes (BCINs) - These are instruments that set out the Commission's interpretation of provisions of the Act, the Rules or other instruments. They are numbered using the five-digit numbering system.

BC Instruments (BCIs)-These include local rules, blanket orders and other general variations and waivers. They are numbered using the five-digit numbering system. When appropriate, a companion policy may be issued in connection with a BCI. In that case, the companion policy bears the same number as the BCI with the suffix "CP".

BC Policies (BCPs)-These replace local policies and are numbered using the five-digit numbering system.

BC Forms (BCFs) -These are numbered using the five-digit numbering system. A form that relates to another document has the same number as that document, with an "F" at the end. For example, the prospectus form is 41-601F as it relates to the prospectus filing policy BCP 41-601. A form that does not relate to another document or that relates to more than one document has a "9" as the third digit. For example, the oil and gas report, 43-901F, does not relate to another policy document.

The categories “Notices and Interpretation Notes” (NINs) and “Blanket Orders and Rulings” (BORs) are no longer used.

Under the new system, it is much easier to find all documents on a given subject, regardless of the type of document or when it was issued.

The Commission publishes documents and regulatory instruments on a regular basis. You can find them in the Commission Documents Database page on our website at www.bcsc.bc.ca.

June 27, 2001

Brent W. Aitken

Ref: BCN 2000/53

This Notice may refer to other documents. These documents can be found at the B.C. Securities Commission public website at www.bcsc.bc.ca in the Commission Documents database or the Historical Documents database.