Securities Law

BCN 2001/03 - Streamlining - Elimination of Certain Instruments [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2001-01-26
Effective Date: 2001-01-25

The 27 local instruments listed in Appendix A are being eliminated as of January 31, 2001.  The 20 CSA Notices listed are being rescinded in all CSA jurisdictions.

The instruments listed above will continue to be available in the Historical Documents Database on the Commission's website.

The Commission continues its streamlining project.  Since the project began in September, the Commission has eliminated over 138 instruments.  We will continue our work with the other members of the CSA to identify and eliminate additional CSA Notices and other national documents that are no longer necessary.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on January 25, 2001.



Brent W. Aitken

Ref:  See Appendix A for relevant instruments

This Notice may refer to other documents. These documents can be found at the B.C. Securities Commission public website at in the Commission Documents database or the Historical Documents database.

Appendix A

Instruments to be eliminated effective January 31, 2001

LPS 3-06 Prospectus Guidelines for the Mortgage Investment Issuer

LPS 3-07 Policy Guidelines Respecting Trading Shares, Performance Shares and Other Consideration

LPS 3-13  Policy Guidelines for a Venture Capital Issuer Planning to Make a Distribution

LPS 3-33  R.R.S.P.'s Administered by Brokers on Behalf of Authorized Trustees

LPS 3-37 Restricted Shares (Uncommon Equities) Distributions and Disclosure

UAP 2-07 Surrender of Registration--Other than Salesman

NIN#2000/18 Viatical Settlements

CSAN 92/2 Applications for Discretionary Orders

CSAN 92/4 Review of National Policy Statement No. 41

CSAN 94/1 An Electronic System for Securities Filings

CSAN 95/1 Conflicts of Interest


CSAN 13-301 SEDAR - Use of Incorrect Document Formats

CSAN 13-302 Notices of Changes to SEDAR Filer Software

CSAN 13-303 SEDAR Operational Changes

CSAN 13-304 Changes to SEDAR Filing Service Charges

CSAN 13-305 SEDAR Changes for Mutual Reliance Review Systems for Prospectuses and AIFs

CSAN 31-301 The Year 2000 Challenge

CSAN 31-302 Securities Industry Contingency Planning

CSAN 31-303 System Changes for Market Participants after Completion of Year 2000 Testing

CSAN 31-304 Year 2000:  Backup of Records

CSAN 33-301 National Instrument 33-106 Year 2000 Preparation Reporting

CSAN 33-302 National Instrument 33-106 Non-Compliant Registered Firms and Possible Terms and Conditions

CSAN 41-301   The Year 2000 Challenge Disclosure Issues

CSAN 51-302 The Year 2000 Challenge Disclosure Issues

CSAN 51-303 CSA Follow-up of Inadequate Year 2000 Disclosure

CSAN 81-303 Year 2000 Disclosure for Mutual Issues