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BCN 2001/19 - Streamlining - Renumbering of Instruments [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2001-03-30
Effective Date: 2001-03-28

Over the past few months, the Commission has been streamlining its regulatory instruments by eliminating the outdated and less useful instruments and by renumbering the surviving instruments.  Over the next few months, we will re-issue all the surviving instruments under the 5-digit subject-based numbering system used for local instruments issued since mid-1999.  See for an explanation of this system.

We will bring the re-issued instruments up to date by correcting cross-references and making similar editorial amendments.  On February 28, 2001, we re-issued five instruments (see BCN#2001/13).

Appendix A lists the instruments we are re-issuing today.  Appendix A also lists 20 new Forms that replace existing Forms.  The Executive Director's specification of these forms is effective today, but the old forms can be used until June 1, 2001. 

Appendix B is a table of concordance showing all instruments re-issued under the new numbering system, including those re-issued before the streamlining project began.  This table will be updated monthly as the project continues.

March 28, 2001



Brent W. Aitken
Member Steve Wilson
 Executive Director

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