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BCN 2001/44 - Continuous Disclosure Obligations for CDNX Companies [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2001-06-19
Effective Date: 2001-06-18
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We are issuing this notice to remind certain issuers listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange Inc. (CDNX) that their transitional relief from certain BC and Alberta continuous disclosure filing requirements and fees expires on June 30, 2001.  After June 30, those issuers must comply with all relevant filing and fee requirements for reporting issuers in BC and Alberta and, in most cases, exchange issuers in BC.

The Commission granted transitional relief in Fall 2000 to issuers that previously traded on The Alberta Stock Exchange, the Canadian Dealing Network Inc. (CDN), The Toronto Stock Exchange Inc. (TSE) or The Winnipeg Stock Exchange (WSE) and that became listed on CDNX because of the restructuring of Canada’s exchanges.  The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) granted similar relief to former Vancouver Stock Exchange, CDN, TSE and WSE issuers.  That relief also expires on June 30.

We are also publishing with this notice an Appendix that summarizes some of the continuous disclosure obligations under BC and Alberta securities laws.  The Appendix is only a summary of some of the continuous disclosure requirements in the two provinces and is current to June 15, 2001.  It does not contain an exhaustive list of the continuous disclosure requirements in BC and Alberta nor does it address the specific filing obligations of mutual funds or the financial statement requirements that apply to finance or investment companies. 

Issuers and their legal counsel must not rely on the Appendix and should review all relevant provisions of the two provinces’ securities laws before preparing their disclosure materials.

This notice is the second reminder of the June 30 expiry date.  The first reminder highlighted some of the unique filing requirements in BC and Alberta (see BCN 2001/38 and, in Alberta, ASC Notice#51-505). 

For further guidance on the continuous disclosure requirements in BC and Alberta, please see:

In BC - 

  • Continuous Disclosure Review Program - April 2000 Staff Report (BCN 51-701) and Continuous Disclosure Update No. 1 (BCN 51-702) (found on the Industry Information section of the Commission website at

In Alberta -

  • Regulation Update, February 2001 (found on the ASC’s website at under the heading “Capital Markets - Accounting”)

June 18, 2001


Steve Wilson
Executive Director

Ref: BCN 2001/38
 ASC Notice # 51-505
 BCN 51-701
 BCN 51-702
 Regulation Update, February 2001 (ASC)

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