Securities Law

BCN 2001/49 - Streamlining - Renumbering of Instruments [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2001-06-28
Effective Date: 2001-06-29

Over the past few months, the Commission has been streamlining its regulatory instruments by eliminating the outdated and less useful instruments and by renumbering the surviving ones. We have now reissued all the surviving instruments under the 5-digit subject-based numbering system, except those that will be replaced in the near future by NI 33-102 “Regulation of Certain Registrant Activities“, NI 45-101 “Rights Offerings” and NI 45-102 “Resale of Securities“.  We have used this system for local instruments issued since mid-1999. You can find an explanation of this system on our website at under “Database Details” on our Commission Documents Database page.

We have brought the re-issued instruments up to date by correcting cross-references and making similar editorial amendments. In total, we have reissued 61 instruments as part of the streamlining initiative (see also BCNs 2001/13, 2001/19, 2001/28, 2001/40 and 2001/45).

Appendix A lists the 3 Notices we are eliminating today. Most of the instruments we have eliminated are no longer applicable. Some refer to matters that are not now topical. In the latter case, the elimination of the instrument does not necessarily mean that the Commission has changed its view on the matter, only that it is not of sufficient current interest to warrant Commission comment.

All documents listed in Appendix A will continue to be accessible in the Historical Documents Database at the Commission's website.

Appendix B lists the 8 instruments we are re-issuing today under this Notice.

Appendix C is a table of concordance showing all instruments re-issued under the new numbering system, including those re-issued before the streamlining project began.

June 29, 2001

Brent W. Aitken

This Notice may refer to other documents. These documents can be found at the B.C. Securities Commission public website at in the Commission Documents database or the Historical Documents database.

Appendix A
Number Description
NIN 99/34 Multijurisdictional Disclosure System
NIN 2000/9 Commission Recognizes the Canadian Venture Exchange Resale Requirements
NIN 2000/65 Fully Managed Accounts and Trades to Trust Companies, Insurer and Portfolio Managers Outside British Columbia

Appendix B

List of Instruments Issued on June 27, 2001
New Number Title Old Number

BCN 11-701 Reorganization of Regulatory Documents BCN 2000/53
BCI 21-501 Recognition of Exchanges, Self Regulatory Bodies and Jurisdictions BOR 91/6, BOR 22-501 and LPS 21-601
BCP 21-602 Canadian Venture Exchange Listings LPS 3-19
BCI 45-514 The Employee Investment Act BOR 90/2
BCP 45-601 Statutory and Discretionary Exemptions LPS 3-24
BCI 72-503 Distribution of Securities Outside British Columbia BOR 98/11
BCI 72-504 Eurobond Offerings BOR 97/11
BCIN 72-702 Distribution of Securities to Persons Outside British Columbia NIN 97/48

Appendix C

Table of Concordance as of June 27, 2001 Old Number Old Title Replaced by New Number
NIN 88/45 National Policy Statement No. 41 - Shareholder Communication - Removal of Exemption BCN 54-701
NIN 91/17 Section 203(3)(b) of the Company Act - Consent by the Superintendent of Brokers to the Waiver of the Appointment of an Auditor for a Subsidiary Corporation BCN 12-701
NIN 91/21 Accounting for Business Combinations and Corporate Reorganizations BCIN 52-701
NIN 91/22 Guide for Use of the Multijurisdictional Disclosure System by Canadian Issuers in the US Market BCN 72-701
NIN 93/12 Restriction Applicable to the Solicitation of Expressions of Interest under BOR 91/7 and BOR 93/1 NI 44-101
NIN 95/7 Powers of Attorney and Trading Authorities - Registrants' Duties BCIN 33-702
NIN 96/41 Offering Documents Requiring Written Underwriting Procedures and Registration as an Underwriter BCN 45-703
NIN 97/5 Exemptive Relief for Certain Real Estate Securities BCN 45-702
NIN 97/6 Permission under Section 35(1)(c) of the Securities Act BCN 47-701
NIN 97/11 Meaning of "Fully Managed" Accounts BCIN 45-701
NIN 97/23 Use of NON-US Foreign Accounting Principles and Non-US Foreign Auditing Standards BCN 52-702
NIN 97/30 Dealers and their Salespersons BCIN 33-703
NIN 97/39 Registration to Act as an Adviser or to Trade in Securities or Exchange Contracts BCIN 33-701 and
  BCIN 31-701
NIN 97/48 Distribution of Securities to Persons Outside British Columbia BCIN 72-702
NIN 98/20 Government Strip Bonds BCP 91-601
NIN 98/56 Trading by Registrants under Certain Prospectus and Registration Exemptions BCIN 33-701 and
  BCIN 31-701
NIN 99/7 Permission to Make Written Listing Representations BCN 47-701
NIN 99/37 Mutual Reliance Review System - Memorandum of Understanding BCN 13-701
NIN 99/53 Report on Changes in the Regulation of Segregated Funds and Mutual Funds BCN 81-701
NIN 2000/15 Continuous Disclosure Review Program Report BCN 51-701
NIN 2000/28 Form 46-901F (BC) Escrow Agreement BCP 13-601
NIN 2000/29 Respecification of required forms under the Securities Act, Securities Regulation and Securities Rules BCP 13-601
BCN 2000/53 Reorganization of Regulatory Instruments BCN 11-701
BOR 87/29 A Policy of the Toronto Stock Exchange on Small Shareholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements NI 32-101
BOR 87/30 A Policy of the Montreal Exchange on Small Shareholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements NI 32-101
BOR 88/2 The Definition of "Exchange Issuer" BCI 14-501
BOR 88/11 Exemption From Section 80(2) Of The Securities Rules BCI 33-504
BOR 89/1 The Registration of Persons Trading in IOCC Options BCI 22-501
BOR 89/8 Reporting companies under the BC Company Act and the definition of "reporting issuer" BCI 14-502
BOR 90/1 Trades in Government Warrants BCI 45-511
BOR 90/2 Trades in Shares Issued in accordance with the Employee Investment Act BCI 45-514
BOR 90/4  Trades in Registered Educational Savings Plans BCI 45-510
BOR 91/2 Rules for Shelf Prospectus Offerings and for Pricing Offerings After the Prospectus is Receipted IR 44-802 and IR 44-803
BOR 91/6 Recognition of Certain Countries and Political Divisions of Countries Issuing Bonds, Debentures or Other Evidence of Indebtedness BCI 21-501
BOR 91/7 The Multijurisdictional Disclosure System IR 71-801
BOR 91/8 The Registration of Persons Trading in TCO Commodity Options BCI 22-501
BOR 91/10 First Renewal Prospectuses Filed by Mutual Funds Under National Policy Statement No. 36 BCI 81-505
BOR 91/12 Government Strip Bonds BCI 91-504
BOR 92/1 Fees Payable by Members of the Press for a Subscription to the Weekly Summary and for Search of a File BCI 11-501
BOR 92/2 Limitations on a Registrant Underwriting Securities of a Related Party or Connected Party of the Registrant BCI 33-505
BOR 93/1 The Prompt Offering Qualification System IR 44-801
BOR 95/5  Filing Insider Reports by Facsimile  BCI 55-501
BOR 95/6 Continuing Relief From Certain Registration Requirements BCI 33-502
BOR 95/9  Continuing Relief for Financial Statements of Certain Foreign Issuers BCI 52-503
BOR 95/15 Advising And Related Trading Under An Exemption BCI 32-501
BOR 95/16  Advising And Related Trading Under An Exemption BCI 32-501
BOR 96/3 Requirement to Send Interim Financial Statements and Quarterly Reports to Security Holders of a Reporting Issuer BCI 52-505
BOR 96/10 Further Relief Respecting Audit Committee Review and Board of Directors Approval of Interim Financial Statements BCI 52-502 and BCI 52-504
BOR 96/15 Trades in Options to Consultants BCI 45-507
BOR 96/16 Further Continuing Relief for Financial Statements of Certain Foreign Issuers and the Prompt Offering Qualification System IR 44-801
BOR 96/17 Mutual Funds and the Purchases and Sales of Certain Debt Securities From and to the Accounts of Responsible Persons BCI 81-504
BOR 96/20 Advising And Related Trading Under An Exemption BCI 32-501
BOR 97/1 Real Estate Securities BCI 45-512
BOR 97/3 Resale Relief for Eligible Real Estate Securities BCI 45-513
BOR 97/4 Trust Companies, Insurers and Portfolio Managers in Other Provinces and Territories of Canada and Foreign Portfolio Managers BCI 45-504
BOR 97/6  Further Continuing Relief for Financial Statements of Certain Foreign Issuers BCI 52-503
BOR 97/7  Take Over Bids and Going Private Transactions BCI 62-501
BOR 97/10  Further Transitional Relief Relating to Transactions Between a Mutual Fund and Non-Participating Affiliates of its Responsible Persons BCI 81-504
BOR 97/11 Eurobond Offerings BCI 72-504
BOR 97/13  Filing BC Form 45-902F (Formerly Form 20) By Facsimile BCI 13-501
BOR 98/1 The Hold Period for Securities Issued by an Exchange Issuer Under Section 74(2)(18) of the Securities Act BCI 45-508
BOR 98/3  Exchange Contracts Dealers Trading in Commodity Pool Securities BCI 31-503
BOR 98/4 Continuous Disclosure Requirements for Finance Issuers BCI 52-506
BOR 98/5 Mutual Funds and the Purchase and Sale of Mortgages From and to the Account of Responsible Persons BCI 81-504
BOR 98/7 System for Shorter Hold Period with an Annual Information Form BCI 45-506
BOR 98/11 Distribution of Securities Outside British Columbia BCI 72-503
BOR 98/14  The Multijurisdictional Disclosure System BCI 71-501
BOR 99/2 Short Form Offerings of Listed Securities and Units by Qualifying Issuers BCI 45-509
BOR 22-501 Recognition of Exchanges for Trading in Exchange Contracts BCI 21-501
BCI 31-502 Web-Posted Notice Confirming Registration BCIN 31-702
CCA BOR 89/7 In the Matter of the Recognition of Commodity Exchanges Situated Outside the Province of British Columbia BCI 22-501
Form 1 Summons to attend before an investigator under section 144 of the Act BCF 15-901F
Form 1A Demand for production under section 144 of the Act BCF 15-902F
Form 2 Affidavit of service BCF 15-903F
Form 3  Application for registration as dealer, adviser or underwriter BCF 31-901F
Form 4  Uniform application for registration / approval (BC) BCF 31-902F
Form 4B  Personal Information for Directors, Officers, Promoters & Control Persons BCF 51-902F
Form 4Z  Consent to a criminal records check BCF 31-903F
Form 5  Uniform application for renewal of registration BCF 31-904F
Form 7  Application for amendment of registration as dealer, adviser or underwriter BCF 31-905F
Form 7A  Application for transfer/change of status BCF 31-906F
Form 7X Addendum to BC Form 31-905 BCF 35-901F
Form 7Z  Uniform Termination Notice (BC) BCF 33-901F
Form 8  Summons for an examination under section 38 (c) of the Act BCF 34-901F
Form 9  Joint regulatory financial questionnaire and report BCF 33-902F
Form 9A  Report of risk adjusted capital BCF 33-903F
Form 11 Application for Exempt Purchaser Status BCF 12-602F
Form 12 Information Required in Prospectus of Industrial Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 12A Information Required in Prospectus of Junior Industrial Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 12B Information Required in Exchange Offering Prospectus of an Industrial Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 13 Information Required in Prospectus of Finance Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 14 Information Required in Prospectus of an Industrial Issuer - Natural Resource Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 14A Information Required in Prospectus of a Natural Resource Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 14B Information Required in Exchange Offering Prospectus of a Natural Resource Issuer BCF 41-601F
Form 15 Information Required in Prospectus of a Mutual Fund BCF 81-902F
Form 20 Report of Exempt Distribution BCF 45-902F
Form 20A(IP) Acknowledgment of Individual Purchaser BCF 45-903F1
Form 20A(NIP) Acknowledgment of Purchaser that is not an Individual BCF 45-903F2
Form 25 Put Option Contract BCF 91-901F
Form 26 Call Option Contract BCF 91-902F
Form 27 Material change report under section 85 (1) of the Securities Act BCF 53-901F
Form 28 Annual Filing of Reporting Issuer BCF 51-903F
Form 30 Information Circular BCF 54-901F
Form 31 Notice of Intention to Make an Issuer Bid BCF 62-901F
Form 32 Take Over Bid Circular BCF 62-902F
Form 33 Issuer Bid Circular BCF 62-903F
Form 34 Director's Circular BCF 62-904F
Form 35 Director's or Officer's Circular BCF 62-905F
Form 36 Insider Report BCF 55-901F
Form 38 Report Required under Section 126 of the Act BCF 81-903F
Form 40 Endorsement of Warrant BCF 15-904F
Form 41 Statement of Executive Compensation BCF 51-904F
Form 43 Offering Memorandum BCF 45-904F
Form 43A Offering Memorandum - Immigrant Investor Program BCF 45-905F
Form 43B Offering Memorandum - Real Estate Securities BCF 45-906F
Form 43C Offering Memorandum - Mortgages BCF 45-901F
Form 50 Contents of Simplified Prospectus 81-101F
Form 51 Contents of Annual Information Form 81-101F2
Form 52 Information Required to be included in the Financial Statements of a Mutual Fund BCF 81-901F
Form 54 Technical Report on Mineral Properties Excluding Oil and Gas 43-101F1
Form 55 Technical Report on Oil and Gas Properties BCF 43-901F
Form 58 Information statement required under section 46 (g) of the Act BCF 32-901F
Form 60  Subordination agreement BCF 33-904F
Form 61 Quarterly Report BCF 51-901F
Form 62  Report of working capital BCF 33-905F
Form 63  Statement of financial condition (audited) BCF 33-906F
Form 66 Risk Disclosure Statement (Exchange Contracts) BCF 91-903F
Form 69  Conflict of interest rules statement BCF 33-907F
Form 70  Statement and undertaking BCF 33-908F
--  Fee Checklist  BCF 11-901F
LP 41-601 Prospectus Filing Requirements BCP 41-601
LPS 3-02 Prospectus Filing Requirements LP 41-601
LPS 3-12 Rules for Proceedings BCP 15-601
LPS 3-15 Exempt Purchaser Status BCP 12-602
LPS 3-16 Registration Requirements  BCP 31-601
LPS 3-19 Vancouver Stock Exchange Listings BCP 21-602
LPS 3-22 Registration Requirements BCP 31-601
LPS 3-24 Statutory and Discretionary Exemptions BCP 45-601
LPS 3-34 Application for Non Reporting Status BCI 11-502
LPS 3-35 Reactivation of Dormant Issuers BCP 12-603
LPS 3-39 Guidelines for Advertising Issues of Securities and for Promotional Activities During the Course of a Distribution BCP 47-601
LPS 3-44 Recognition of Self Regulatory Body, Exchanges and Jurisdictions BCP 21-601
LPS 3-45 Designation as a Reporting Issuer (Extraprovincial Issuers) BCP 12-601
LPS 21-601 Recognition of Exchanges, Self Regulatory Bodies and Jurisdictions BCI 21-501
NP 1 Clearance of National Issues NP 43-201
NP 2-A Guide For Engineers, Geologists and Prospectors Submitting Reports on Mining Properties to Canadian Provincial Securities Administrators  NI 43-101
NP 12 Disclosure of "Market Out" Clauses in Underwriting Agreements in Prospectuses NI 41-101
NP 13 Disclaimer Clause on Prospectus NI 41-101
NP 17 Violations of Securities Laws of Other Jurisdictions - Conduct Affecting Fitness for Continued Registration NP 34-201
NP 18 Conflict of Interest - Registrants Acting as Corporate Directors MLP 34-202
NP 32 Prospectus Warning Re: Scope of Distribution NI 41-101
NP 35 Purchaser's Statutory Rights NI 41-101
NP 36 Mutual Funds - Simplified Prospectus Disclosure System NI 81-101
NP 37 Reciprocal Cease Trading Orders NP 62-201
NP 38 Take-Over Bids - Defensive Tactics NP 62-202
NP 39 Mutual Funds NI 81-102
NP 44 Rules for Shelf Prospectus Offerings NI 44-102, NI 44-103,
  44-102CP, and 44-103CP
NP 45 Multijurisdictional Disclosure System NI 71-101
NP 47 Prompt Offering Qualification System NI 44-101
UAP 2-13 Advertising During Waiting Period Between Preliminary and Final Prospectuses BCP 47-601
- Government Strip Bonds - Information Statement BCF 91-601F