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BCN 2002/15 - Status of Multilateral Instrument 45-103 Capital Raising Exemptions [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2002-03-28
Effective Date: 2002-03-28

The British Columbia Securities Commission is pleased to announce that we have obtained government consent to adopt Multilateral Instrument 45-103 Capital Raising Exemptions.  MI 45-103 will be adopted as a rule effective early next week.  We will publish MI 45-103, the Companion Policy and other related documents early next week. 

MI 45-103 is a joint initiative of the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Alberta Securities Commission.  The rule is intended to increase access to capital and investment opportunities in BC and Alberta while providing appropriate investor protection. 

The ASC has announced that it has approved the adoption of MI 45-103 and related instruments effective March 30, 2002.  Please refer to the ASC’s website at for the text of MI 45-103, the Companion Policy and other related documents.

The BCSC will be retaining the following exemptions for a transition period of six months from the date of implementation of MI 45-103:

a. the 50 purchaser exemption in sections 89(a) and 128(a) of the Securities Rules,
b. the $25,000 -- sophisticated purchaser exemption in sections 89(b) and 128(b) of the Securities Rules,
c. the $25,000 -- registrant consultation exemption in section 128(c) of the Securities Rules,
d. the friends and relatives exemption in sections 89(g) and 128(h) of the Securities Rules,
e. the private issuer exemption in sections 46(j) and 75(a) of the Securities Act,
f. the financial institutions exemption in sections 45(2)(2) and 74(2)(1) of the Securities Act, and
g. the $97,000 exemption in sections 45(2)(5) and 74(2)(4) of the Securities Act.

Following the six month transition period, the $97,000 exemption will remain available for a longer period in the form of a blanket order.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Leslie Rose
Senior Legal Counsel, Legal & Market Initiatives
British Columbia Securities Commission
Tel: (604) 899-6654
Fax: (604) 899-6814

March 28, 2002


Adrienne Salvail-Lopez

Ref: Multilateral Instrument 45-103 Capital Raising Exemptions

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