Securities Law

BCN 2004/20 - New Securities Legislation [BCN - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2004-05-05
Rescinded Date: 2012-07-18
The British Columbia Securities Commission announces that the B.C. government today introduced in the Legislative Assembly a new Securities Act (Bill 38).

Bill 38 leaves behind the overuse of detailed and prescriptive rules in favour of a results-based approach, founded on time-tested principles of investor protection - disclosure to investors, and the regulation of dealers and advisers.

It strengthens investor protection by

  • focusing companies and securities firms on what is best for investors
  • requiring improved, plain-language disclosure
  • providing increased enforcement powers, sanctions and penalties
  • providing broader remedies for investors to sue for damages

Bill 38 is part of a complete new legislative framework. Rules to implement the new framework will contain more detailed, although still results-based, regulatory requirements. We expect to publish rules, forms and accompanying guidance for further comment in June 2004.

May 5, 2004

Brent W. Aitken
Vice Chair

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