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BCN 2005/05 - Adoption of amendments to National Instrument 54-101 Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer and Companion Policy 54-101CP [BCN - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2005-01-21
Rescinded Date: 2012-07-18
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Substance and purpose of the Instrument
Effective February 9, 2005, the British Columbia Securities Commission is adopting amendments to National Instrument 54-101 Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer (the Instrument) and Companion Policy 54-101CP (the Policy).

The purpose of the amendments is to improve the procedures set out in the Instrument for a reporting issuer to provide proxy-related materials to beneficial owners and for the beneficial owner to provide voting instructions.

Prior publications
We published the amendments for comment in October 2003. On November 26, 2004, we published advance notice that, subject to government approval, we expected to adopt the amendments effective February 9, 2005.

You may refer questions to:

Veronica Armstrong
Senior Legal Counsel
Capital Markets Regulation

British Columbia Securities Commission
(604) 899-6738
(800) 373-6393 (in B.C. and Alberta)

January 20, 2005

Douglas M. Hyndman

Ref:      BC Notice 2003/40

BC Notice 2004/46


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