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Securities Law

NIN 2000/28 - Form 46-901F (BC) Escrow Agreement [NIN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2000-07-07
Effective Date: 2000-07-06
Effective June 30, 2000, the Executive Director specifies, in accordance with section 182 of the SecuritiesAct, Form 46-901F (BC) for escrow arrangements that conform to the terms set out in the Canadian Securities Administrators Notice 46-301 entitled Proposal for Uniform Terms of Escrow Applicable to Initial PublicDistributions. The form of escrow agreement was originally published without a number, under cover of NIN#2000/11, which this NIN replaces.

A clean copy of amended Form 46-901F (BC) is attached. The instructions at the top of the first page of Form 46-901F (BC) are for convenience only, and do not form part of Form 46-901F (BC). Except for the addition of a form number and instructions, no other changes have been made.

The Commission is in the process of changing how Commission documents are numbered in order to be consistent with the numbering system used for national documents since 1996. Most new documents, including forms relating to national instruments and policies, are numbered using a 5 digit number. Forms that do not relate to other instruments and policies will be given a “9” as their third digit, as is the case with Form 46-901F (BC).

Questions may be referred to either of:
Wayne Redwick
Director, Corporate Finance
Telephone: (604) 899-6699 or
(800) 373-6393 (in B.C.)
Fax: (604) 899-6760

Adrianne Rubin Hawes
Senior Legal Counsel
Policy and Legislation
Telephone: (604) 899-6645 or
(800) 373-6393 (in B.C.)
Fax: (604) 899-6700

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 6, 2000.

Steve Wilson
Executive Director

Ref: CSA Notice 46-301

This NIN may refer to other documents. These documents can be found at the B.C. Securities Commission public website at in the Commission Documents database.