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Securities Law

NIN 89/32 - Required Form Of Offering Memorandum [NIN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 1989-11-03
Effective Date: 1989-10-31
B.C. Reg. 316/89 amends section 126 of the Securities Regulation (the "Regulation") by adding paragraph (c) which provides for the use of a required form of offering memorandum.

By NIN#89/31, Form 43 was specified as the required form of offering memorandum for the purpose of section 126(c) of the Regulation.

In order to allow for an orderly transition, BOR#89/11 provides that, for a limited period of time, Form 43 need not be used by persons complying with the terms of the order.

The Superintendent will also consider applications for individual orders exempting issuers from using Form 43 if the exemption provided for in BOR#89/11 does not adequately address their particular transitional problems.

The Canadian Securities Administrators are in the process of finalizing a national form of offering memorandum. Until the national form is available, the disclosure required in Items 1, 5 and 8 and the form of certificate in Item 20 may be reworded to comply with the requirements of one or more of the uniform act provinces where the offering memorandum will be delivered to purchasers in those provinces. The substance of the disclosure and the certificate, however, must continue to meet the Form 43 standard.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, this 31st day of October 1989.

Neil de Gelder
Superintendent of Brokers

REF: NIN#89/31