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Securities Law

NIN 96/11 - Specification of Offering Documents Requiring Written Underwriting Procedures and Registration as an Underwriter [NIN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 1996-04-12
Effective Date: 1996-04-11
This Notice repeals and replaces NIN#95/49.

Sections 45(1) and 87 of the Securities Rules authorize the Executive Director to specify offering documents which, when used with relation to a distribution of securities, require, respectively, written prudent business procedures or other safeguards for underwriting such distributions and registration as an underwriter.

No offering documents are specified under sections 45(1) or 87 of the Rules at this time. However, issuers and market participants are reminded, where a distribution is made by special warrant in reliance upon an exemption from registration and prospectus requirements and subsequently qualified by prospectus, that the prospectus qualifying the special warrants is subject to the same requirements as any any distribution made by way of prospectus.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on April 11, 1996.

Dean E. Holley
Executive Director

REF: NIN#95/49