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Securities Law

NIN 96/27 - Communication with the Securities Commission [NIN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 1996-08-16
Effective Date: 1996-08-15

This Notice is intended to provide general guidance for those who frequently make inquires of, or file documents with, the British Columbia Securities Commission. It replaces NIN#92/2.


One of the Commission's objectives is to provide efficient and responsive service to the public and to the securities industry. Each month, staff receive several hundred telephone inquiries concerning everything from office hours to legislative interpretation. No one person at the Commission can respond to all of these inquiries, but our telephone receptionists are trained to help direct your call to the appropriate personnel.

Attached to this Notice is an Information Directory that lists some of the most common inquiry topics along with the name of the Commission Division or Department normally responsible for them. The Directory includes each Division's phone and facsimile number. If you have an inquiry, please refer to the Directory and call or fax the appropriate Division directly, or ask our receptionists to connect you. The Commission has installed voice mail on most lines to avoid having callers 'bounced' from telephone to telephone. Please leave a detailed message if a particular staff member is not available when you call.

Please note that Commission staff cannot provide legal advice. Staff will, however, try to help you understand the securities legislation and may be able to refer you to other sources that would be of help.


Since September 1995, the Commission has been able to receive and respond to inquiries via the Internet at:

For inquiries sent by e-mail, it is helpful if the note begins with an 'attention' line (e.g. Attn: Corporate Finance) so it can be immediately directed to the appropriate Division or staff member.


Written enquiries should be addressed to the British Columbia Securities Commission, 11th floor, 865 Hornby Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2H4 and marked to the attention of the approriate Division or Department.


Staff are able to process mail and couriered deliveries much more efficiently if the envelope containing the material is either addressed to a specific Division or describes, briefly, the type of filing being made. The suggested address format for filings and other correspondence is:

British Columbia Securities Commission
11th floor, 865 Hornby StreetVancouver, B.C. V6Z 2H4
Attn: ( Div. or Dept.) Re: (type of filing)

Again, reference to the attached Directory will help you identify the right department for your filing.

Some of the most common types of filing, along with suggested addressing information, are listed below:

Type of FilingAttn:Re:
Preliminary ProspectusesCorporate FinancePrelim. Prospectus
Financial Statements/Quarterly ReportsStatutory FilingsFin. Statement
Reports of Exempt DistributionExemptions & OrdersForm 20
Insider ReportsInsider Reportings.70 filing
Press ReleasesRecordss.67 filing
Material Change ReportsRecordss.67 filing
Confidential Material Change ReportsStatutory Filings*Confidential*
Other Materials sent to Security HoldersRecordsRule 153 filing
Applications for Discretionary OrdersExemptions & OrdersApplication


Several types of filing are subject to fees under section 22 of the Securities Regulation. Please remember to include, with your filing:

1. a cheque for the appropriate fees, made payable to the British Columbia Securities Commission; and 2. a completed Fee Checklist, available from the Commission's Information and Records Dept.


If you are filing 'follow-up' material (e.g. additional material related to an ongoing matter like a prospectus review or an application for relief) please mark the envelope and the first page of any covering letter as follows:

Attn: (name of staff member)
Follow up Material re: (name of issuer, dealer, etc.)


When you are filing documents with the Commission for information only (i.e. not pursuant to a statutory filing requirement) please indicate that on the face of the covering letter and attachments by marking them 'For Information Only'.


Form 36 is the Insider Reporting form accepted by every jurisdiction in Canada. In British Columbia Insider Reports can be filed by mail or facsimile. If filed by mail, the report must bear an original signature of the filer.

If filed by facsimile, Insider Reports must be sent to the Commission's dedicated Insider Reporting Fax Line at (604) 775-3129. Reports must be clear and legible and insiders must keep on file the originals and the fax confirmation slip. If you file your insider reports by facsimile you do not need to file the originals by mail as well. If you plan to file by fax, please refer to BOR#95/5.

No filing fee applies to Insider Reports unless they are filed late.


A press release announcing a material change in the affairs of a reporting issuer is required to be filed under section 67(1)(a) of the Act. Press releases can be filed with the Records Department by mail or facsimile. If filed by facsimile, they must be sent to the following fax number: (604) 775-3029.

If you have filed a press release by facsimile you do not need to file it by mail as well.

Press releases must be filed 'as soon as practicable' after a material change occurs. Either the press release or the facsimile cover sheet must include the name of the senior officer(s) authorizing the press release on behalf of the issuer. Authorization by a director who is not a senior officer does not meet the requirement of section 67(1). The name of the issuer, its address and its phone number should be clearly set out at the top of the press release.

While coverage on news wire services is important for timely dissemination of information in press releases, it does not satisfy the requirements of the Act for a copy of the press release to be filed with the Commission.

Issuers should refer to National Policy No. 40 for guidance about the content and proper balance of press releases. Issuers must also consider the requirements of any exchange on which their securities are listed.


A Material Change Report (Form 27) must be filed by a reporting issuer no later than 10 days after each material change occurs. These reports must be filed by mail or courier and must bear an original signature. There is no fee for the filing of Material Change Reports in B.C.


Confidential material change reports filed under section 67(2) of the Act must be filed by mail or courier and must bear an original signature. They should be addressed to the Statutory Filings Dept. and clearly marked "Confidential". Insiders and others involved in the filing of a confidential material change report are reminded that they are prohibited from trading while a material change report is kept confidential.

If an Issuer files a confidential material change report it must advise the Statutory Filings Dept., in writing, every 10 days afterwards if it believes the report should remain confidential.


If you would like to file a formal complaint relating to a breach of the Act or regulations, or the conduct of a registrant or issuer, you should do so through the Enforcement Enquiries Unit. Formal complaints should be made, if at all possible, in writing and should be accompanied by supporting documents. Call the Enforcement Enquiries Line at (604) 660-4938 for more details.


The Commission has jurisdiction to review decisions and rulings made by individual members of the Commission, the Executive Director, the Vancouver Stock Exchange and the Investment Dealers Association (Pacific District). Any person directly affected by a decision or ruling of one of those bodies may commence a proceeding before the Commission by requesting a Hearing and Review. The request should be sent to the Secretary of the Commission. For information on Hearings and Reviews, please refer to the Commission's Local Policy Statement 3-12.


As a rule, records required to be filed with the Commission are presumed to be public documents unless they fall within the confidentiality provisions of the Securities Act (section 151(3)) or the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Filers should assume that records required to be filed with the Commission will be placed in a public file unless specific confidentiality requirements are met. If you are unsure whether your filing will be held in confidence you should call the Division that the filing will be directed to. If you wish to maintain confidential treatment of a record you should first determine if the information in the record is subject to the mandatory confidentiality provisions of the FOIPP Act. If not, you will have to make a separate application to the Commission seeking confidentiality under section 151(3) of the Securities Act, giving reasons to support your application. The application should accompany or precede your filing.

Records that are considered confidential by the Commission are not published or placed in the public file. However, with the exception of information obtained in an investigation under section 126 of the Act or subject to disclosure prohibitions under the FOIPP Act, the Commission may still be obliged to make records available to the public should an application be made under the FOIPP Act.

Certain records that are not required to be filed under the Securities Act, such as correspondence between an applicant and the Commission, would not generally be placed in the public file.


Each week the Commission posts insider reporting data, the defaulting reporting issuers list and information about exempt securities distributions (as published in the Weekly Summary) to an Internet site for public viewing. The new site address is


Requests for registration forms, insider reporting forms, quarterly reports and fee checklists are handled through the Commission's Public Information Centre on the 11th Floor at 865 Hornby Street, Vancouver. Forms can be picked up in person or you can telephone 660-9689 to request that these forms be sent to you by mail.

The Commission's public files are available for viewing daily during normal business hours. There is a $6 file search fee. File search services conducted by Commission staff are available for clients located outside the lower mainland on payment of a $6 fee. For more information contact the Records Department at 660-4846.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on August 15, 1996.

Douglas M. Hyndman

British Columbia Securities Commission
1100-865 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6Z 2H4

Information Directory

Main Switchboard: (604) 660-4800
Toll Free Number (B.C. Only): 1-800-373-6393

E-Mail Address:

Chief Accountant660-4884660-5473
Compliance and Enforcement Div.660-4938660-3997
Corporate Finance Div.660-4127660-5473
Executive Director's Office660-4859660-2688
Exemptions and Orders Div.660-4877660-5473
Information Officer660-4844775-3029
Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Policy and Legislation Div.660-4959660-2688
Records Dept.660-4846775-3029
Registration Div.660-4833660-2688
Secretary to the Commission660-4857660-2688
Statutory Filings Dept.660-4890660-2688

Advertising: prospectus offeringsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Advertising: exempt trades & distributionsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Advertising: registrantsRegistration660-4833660-2688
Annual information forms (AIFs)Corporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Annual interim financial statements and quarterly reportsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Applications: discretionary ordersExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Applications: hearings and reviewsSecretary to the Commission660-4857660-2688
Applications: registration of dealers, underwriters, advisers, salespersons, etc.Registration660-4833660-2688
Blanket Orders (BORs): obtaining copiesSee Appendix
Brochures & Pamphlets: obtaining copiesInformation Officer660-4844775-3029
Commodity PoolsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Consents under the Company Act (restorations, waiver of auditor)Statutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Control Person: definition ofInsider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Control Person: reporting requirements (Forms 23 and 36)Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Discretionary Orders: registration, prospectuses, continuous disclosure, proxy solicitations, take over bidsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Early Warning Reports (s. 93 reports)Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Enforcement: ComplaintsCompliance & Enforcement660-4938660-3997
Enforcement: General EnquiriesCompliance & Enforcement660-4938660-3997
Enforcement: Outstanding OrdersCompliance & Enforcement660-4938660-3997
Engineering/Mining ReportsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Escrow Shares - transfer and cancellationCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Exchange Offering Prospectuses (including financial statement requirements)VSE (Corporate Finance Services)689-3334682-6549
Exempt take over bids and issuer bidsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Exempt Trades and Distributions (including private placements)Exemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Fees: public file searches, photocopiesRecords660-4846775-3029
Fees: annual information forms, prospectuses, mutual funds, commodity pools, rights offerings, engineering reports, escrow shares, restoration of dormant companiesCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Fees: early warning reports (s.93 reports), insider reports (Form 36), control person reports (Form 23)Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Fees: hearing & review applicationsSecretary to the Commission660-4857660-2688
Fees: material change reports, change in financial year end, take over bid and issuer bid circulars, annual and interim financial statements, quarterly reports, confidential material change reports, shareholder meetings, Company Act consentsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Fees: discretionary orders, exempt trades and distributions, form 20 filings, offering memorandumExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Fees: applications for registration, notices of change, forms 4b, networking arrangementsRegistration660-4833660-2688
Financial Statements: registrantsRegistration660-4856660-2688
Financial Statements: changes in financial year endStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Financial Statements: foreign GAAP/GAASChief Accountant660-4884660-5473
Financial Statements: GAAP/GAASChief Accountant660-4884660-5473
Financial Statements: reservations in audit opinionsChief Accountant660-4884660-5473
Forms (not pre-printed): obtaining blank copies (e.g. prospectus forms, Forms 20, 20A, information circular forms)See Appendix
Forms (pre-printed): obtaining blank copies (e.g. insider reports, registration applications, quarterly reports)Records660-9689775-3029
Forms 4b - directors and officers of exchange issuersRegistration660-4833660-2688
Forms 20: filing requirementsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Forms 20a: how to completeExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Freedom of Information requestsManager, Public Information and Records660-4827775-3029
Going Public Information Package: obtaining copiesInformation Officer660-4844775-3029
Hearing and review applicationsSecretary to the Commission660-4857660-2688
Hearings: Notices, Adjournments, DecisionsSecretary to the Commission660-4857660-2688
Insider Reporting requirements (form 36)Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Insider Report Forms: obtaining blank copiesRecords660-9689775-3029
Insider Reports: obtaining completed copies for particular insidersRecords660-4846775-3029
Insider: definition ofInsider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Insider bids: circularsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Issuer Bids: exemptionsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Joint Regulatory Financial Questionnaire and Report (JRFQ)Registration660-4856660-2688
Legislation (Act, Rules, Regulation): obtaining copiesSee Appendix
Letters of Good StandingStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Local/National Policies: obtaining copiesSee Appendix
Local or national policies, blanket orders or notices (not relating to obtaining copies, a specific case or referred to elsewhere in this Information Directory)Policy and Legislation660-4959660-2688
Material Change Reports: confidentialStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Material Change Reports: filing requirements (form 27)Statutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Media InquiriesExecutive Director's Office660-4859660-2688
Mutual FundsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Networking ArrangementsRegistration660-0001660-2688
Notices and Interpretation Notes (NINs): obtaining copiesSee Appendix
Notices of Intention to Sell (form 23)Insider Reporting Unit660-4873775-3129
Offering Memoranda: financial requirements.Statutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Offering Memoranda: requirements (other than financial)Exemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Press Releases: contents, filing requirementsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Principles of RegulationRegistration660-4833660-2688
Prospectus offerings (other than Exchange Offering Prospectuses)Corporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Prospectuses: whether a receipt has been issuedCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Public File Searches (prospectuses, press releases, financial statements and other information filed by public companies available for viewing)Records660-4846775-3029
Quarterly Reports - filing requirementsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Quarterly Report Forms: obtaining blank copiesRecords660-9689775-3029
Registered Education Savings PlansCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Registration Application Forms: obtaining blank copiesRecords660-9689775-3029
Registration: IDA Member Firms and employeesIDA683-6222683-6050
Registration: VSE member firms and employeesVSE (Member Services)689-3334682-8514
Registration: whether a person is registeredRegistration660-4833660-2688
Registration: list of current registrants (microfiche only)Information Officer660-4844775-3029
Registration: notices of change relating to dealers; underwriters; advisers; partners, directors & officers; salespersons and advising employeesRegistration660-4833660-2688
Registration: record keeping requirementsRegistration660-4833660-2688
Reporting Issuers: confirmation of statusStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Responses to documents published for commentPolicy and Legislation660-4959660-2688
Restoration of dormant companiesCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Rights OfferingsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
SEDAR (electronic filing)CDS (Help Desk)1-800-
(416) 365-0842
Shareholder Communication (NP 41): waiversStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Shareholder MeetingsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Take over bid and issuer bid circularsStatutory Filings660-4890660-2688
Take over bids: exemptionsExemptions and Orders660-4877660-5473
Technical (assessment) reportsCorporate Finance660-4127660-5473
Underwriter conflicts of interestRegistration660-4833660-2688
Weekly Summary SubscriptionsInformation Officer660-4844775-3029


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