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Securities Law

NIN 98/02 - Revised Indices of Policies and Other Instruments under the Securities Act [NIN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 1998-01-15
Effective Date: 1998-01-16

Effective January 16, 1998, the Commission is rescinding the indices dated effective June 27, 1997 of the

  • Notices and Interpretation Notes
  • Blanket Orders and Rulings
  • Local Policy Statements
  • National Instruments, Policies and Forms and CSA Notices and CSA Requests for Comment

The Commission is substituting the indices attached to this Notice. The Forms index is attached to NIN#98/3.

The NIN index lists only the NINs that are in effect and that have been lapsed since the publication of the previous index. The lapsing of a particular Notice does not imply that any material introduced or referred to in the Notice is no longer in effect. The index of BORs lists only the BORs that are in effect.

Effective January 1, 1996, the Commodity Contract Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, c. 56 was repealed. BORs under the Commodity Contract Act continue to have effect to the extent that the provisions in that Act were continued under the Securities Act. The CCA BORs will be replaced in due course. For ease of reference, a list of the CCA BORs is included in the BORs Index.

The index of National Instruments and other reformulation instruments lists only those instruments that are currently in effect. The index reflects the numbering system adopted in connection with the policy reformulation and rule-making project as discussed in NIN#96/23. (See NIN#96/13 for a discussion of National Instruments and National Policies.)

NINs, BORs and LPSs will be amended in due course to correct section references that have changed as a result of the coming into force of the revised Securities Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 418 (the "Revised Act"), on April 21, 1997, and the amendments to the Securities Regulation, and the new Securities Rules, and Registration Transfer Rules on June 17, 1997 and January 1, 1996. The Revised Act replaced the Securities Act, S.B.C. 1985, c. 83 (the "Prior Act"). The Securities Regulation, Securities Rules and Registration Transfer Rules that came into effect on June 17, 1997 replaced the Securities Regulation, Securities Rules and Registration Transfer Rules that had come into effect on January 1, 1996. There were no section number changes as a result of the June 17, 1997, revision of the regulations and rules. The January 1, 1996, regulation and rules replaced the former Securities Regulation, B.C. Reg. 270/86 (the "Old Regulation) and the former Registration Transfer Regulation, B.C. Reg. 286/86 (the "Old RTR"). Until the updated NINs, BORs and LPSs are published, they should be read to refer, with the necessary changes, to the appropriate sections of the Revised Act, Securities Regulation, and Securities Rules. Refer to the Table of Concordance at page 478 of the Commission’s Special Supplement to the Weekly Summary, published for the week ending November 24, 1995, to update section references from the Old Regulation and the Old RTR. Also, refer to the Table of Concordance at page 6 of the Commission’s Special Supplement to the Weekly Summary published for the week ending April 4, 1997 to update section references from the Prior Act to the Revised Act.

In addition, a number of LPSs have been revised, replaced or rescinded in the past several years (e.g. LPS 3-07 replaced old LPSs 3-07 to 3-10). As a result, other LPSs may contain outdated references to rescinded LPSs. In addition to updating the LPSs to reflect changes to the legislation, the LPSs will also be updated in due course to reflect the changes consequential to the implementation of all new and replacement LPSs. Until the updated LPSs are published, they should be read to refer, with the necessary changes, to the new and replacement LPSs.

DATED at Vancouver, British Columbia, on January 15, 1998.

Douglas M. Hyndman

Effective January 16, 1998
NIN #Date of NIN
87/4506/11/87Technical reports on mining properties accompanying prospectuses submitted for acceptance by the Superintendent of Brokersin effect
87/5207/24/87Flow-through sharesin effect
87/6610/09/87Prospectus vetting proceduresin effect
87/6710/09/87Leveraged mutual fund purchasesin effect
88/706/01/88Venture capital issuersin effect
88/1106/06/88The effect of criminal and civil litigation on trading rights and registrationin effect
88/4011/09/88Sale of mutual funds by financial institutions - principles of regulationin effect
88/4512/01/88National Policy Statement No. 41 - shareholder communication - removal of exemptionin effect
88/4812/20/88Full service and discount brokerage activities by financial institutions
- principles of regulation
in effect
89/301/20/89Conflict of interest rules statement
- clarification of filing requirements
in effect
89/1303/02/89Statutory filingsin effect
89/1704/06/89[Draft] Local Policy Statement 3-45 - designation as a reporting issuer and business investor offeringsin effect
89/2107/21/89Orders pursuant to section 145 of the Securities Act - removal of trading exemptionsin effect
89/3010/13/89Qualifications of auditors filing reportsin effect
89/3511/24/89Disclosure of promotional or investor relations arrangementsin effect
90/402/09/90National Policy No. 39 - mutual funds distributor's report and auditor's letterin effect
90/1605/10/90Principles of regulation re: activities of registrants related to financial institutionsin effect
91/1207/11/91Ontario Securities Commission Policy Statement 9.1 - disclosure, valuation, review and approval requirements and recommendations for insider bids, issuer bids, going private transactions and related party transactionsin effect
91/1709/25/91Section 203(3)(b) of the Company Act - consent by the Superintendent of Brokers to the waiver of the appointment of an auditor for a subsidiary corporationin effect
91/1810/02/91Auditor's report on comparative financial statementsin effect
91/2010/31/91Comparative interim financial statementsin effect
91/2111/01/91Accounting for business combinations and corporate reorganizationsin effect
91/2211/13/91Guide for use of the multijurisdictional disclosure system by Canadian issuers in the U.S. marketin effect
92/403/05/92Draft National Policy Statement No. 46 - index and commodity warrants and other derivative securitiesin effect
92/2107/16/92Proposed junior POP system - request for commentin effect
92/2911/06/92Accounting for performance sharesin effect
92/3011/26/92National Policy Statement No. 39 - mutual funds - draft section 2.09 - certain related parties acting as principals in purchases or sales of portfolio debt securities and proposed revocation of section 4.03 - dealer manager acting as principalin effect
93/804/01/93Money laundering: new federal regulationsin effect
93/1206/10/93Restriction applicable to the solicitation of expressions of interest under BOR#91/7 and BOR#93/1in effect
93/1608/19/93Draft National Policy Statement No. 53 - foreign issuer prospectus and continuous disclosure systemin effect (see CSA Notice #95/4)
93/1809/09/93Fiscal agency agreement - restrictions on exemption ordersin effect
93/2312/16/93Executive compensationlapsed
93/2412/22/93Exemption for filing notice of networking arrangements governed by the principles of regulationin effect
94/201/06/94Filing requirements for annual information formsin effect
94/506/08/94National Policy Statement No. 39 - definition of debt-like securitiesin effect
94/1910/12/94Draft amended National Policy Statement No. 41 - security holder communicationin effect
94/2010/14/94Draft National Policy Statement No. 43 - advertisements of securities and related sales practicesin effect
94/2211/01/94Permission under section 35(1)(c) of the Securities Actlapsed
95/501/04/95Principles of fair tradingin effect
95/701/12/95Duties of registrants in the supervision of accounts operating under powers of attorney or trading authoritiesin effect
95/902/08/95Government strip bonds - information statement - Local Policy Statement 3-43 - Blanket Order #91/12in effect
95/1203/01/95Executive compensation and indebtedness disclosure - Ontario staff reportin effect
95/1503/23/95Interpretation note - disclosure of securities under “control or direction”in effect
95/1804/20/95Draft National Policy Statement No. 54 - expedited registration system for advisersin effect
95/2105/11/95Decisions of the B.C. Securities Commissionin effect
95/2206/01/95Release of IOSCO/BIS joint report on the framework for supervisory information about the derivatives activities of banks and securities firmsin effect
95/2406/22/95Fee payments under the Securities Act and the Commodity Contract Actin effect
95/2907/06/95Task Force on Operational Efficiencies in the Administration of Securities Regulation - final reportin effect
95/3409/28/95British Columbia Securities Commission response to the request for comments from the Ontario Securities Commission task force on small business financingin effect
95/5212/14/95Insider reporting - third party optionsin effect
95/5312/14/95New form of certificate under section 60(3) of the Securities Actin effect
95/5412/14/95Transitional market-making relief for control personslapsed
95/6012/21/95Hold period for securities of exchange issuer issued under Section 55(2)(18) of the Securities Actin effect
96/501/23/96Clarification of transitional market-making relief for control personslapsed
96/601/24/96Supplementary report of the committee on underwriting conflicts of interest to the CSA chairsin effect
96/1004/11/96Blanket Order #96/9 registrant information to be furnished to clientsin effect
96/1205/02/96Further relief relating to audit committee review and board of directors approval of interim financial statementsin effect
96/1305/08/96National Instruments and National Policiesin effect
96/1505/16/96Joint submission of the Chairs of the Alberta and British Columbia Securities Commissions on the structure of the proposed Canadian Securities Commissionin effect
96/1605/23/96Request for comment - Dissemination of insider trade report datain effect
96/2107/09/96Course announcement - the securities programlapsed
96/2308/01/96Numbering system for the Policy Reformulation Projectin effect
96/2508/01/96Proposed Relief for Eligible Institutional Investors from Early Warning, Insider Reporting, Take-over Bid and Control Person Distribution Requirementsin effect
96/2608/13/96Calculation of Hold Periods under the Securities Rulesin effect
96/2708/15/96Communication with the Securities Commissionlapsed
96/2808/22/96Report of the IDA Committee on Take-over Bid Time Limitsin effect
96/2908/29/96Trades in Options to Consultantsin effect
96/3209/26/96Application of sections 2(5), 2(6) and 2(7) of Securities Rules to the multijurisdictional disclosure systemin effect
96/3510/10/96Mutual funds and related party transactionsin effect
96/3610/10/96Real estate securitiesin effect
96/3810/31/96Form 61 - Quarterly Report Staff Report on Schedule C - Management Discussionin effect
96/4111/21/96Specification of Offering Documents Requiring Written Underwriting Procedures and Registration as an Underwriterin effect
96/4211/27/96Further Transitional Relief Mutual Funds and Related Party Transactions Involving Non-Participating Affiliateslapsed
96/4311/27/96Proposed National Policy 62-201 and Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 37 Bids Made only in Certain Jurisdictionslapsed
96/4411/27/96Proposed National Policy 62-202 and Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 38 Take-Over Bids - Defensive Tacticslapsed
96/4512/05/96Special Warrants Prospectus Filingsin effect
96/4712/19/96Expedited Review of Short Form Prospectuses and Renewal AIFSin effect
96/4912/18/96Quarterly Report Filings (Form 61) (SEDAR)in effect
97/401/16/97Proposed National Instrument 32-101 Small Securityholder Selling and Purchase Arrangementslapsed
97/502/03/97Exemptive Relief for Certain Real Estate Securitiesin effect
97/602/11/97Permission under Section 35(1)(c) of the Securities Actin effect
97/702/12/97System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) - Issuers in Defaultin effect
97/903/03/97Trading Securities and Providing Advice Respecting Securities on the Internetin effect
97/1003/04/97Trust Companies, Insurers and Portfolio
Managers in Other Provinces and
Territories of Canada, and Foreign
Portfolio Managers
in effect
97/1103/04/97Meaning of “Full Managed” Accountsin effect
97/1203/12/97Joint Securities Industry Committee on Conflicts of Interest - Interim Reportlapsed
97/1304/03/97Revised Securities Act as part of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1996in effect
97/1404/08/97Rescission of National Policy No. 33 Financing of Film Productionslapsed
97/1505/13/97Proposed National Instrument
41-101 Prospectus Disclosure Requirements And Rescission of National Policy statements Nos. 12, 13, 32, and 35
in effect
97/1605/20/97Report of CSA Investment Funds Implementation Groupin effect
97/1706/18/97Settlements with the British Columbia Securities Commissionin effect
97/1806/18/97Proposed Provisions for Shareholder Proposals under the British Columbia Company Actin effect
97/1906/18/97Replacement Registration Forms 4Z and 7Zlapsed
97/2006/25/97Revised Rules and Regulations under the Securities Act as a result of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1996lapsed
97/2106/25/97Amendments to the Formslapsed
97/2206/25/97Revised Forms 20 and 23lapsed
97/2306/25/97Use of Non-U.S. Foreign Accounting Principles and Non-U.S. Foreign Auditing Standardsin effect
97/2406/26/97Proposed National Instrument 81-102 and Companion Policy 81-102CP and Proposed Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 34 and National Policy Statement No. 39 - Mutual Fundsin effect
97/2506/26/97Proposed National Instrument 81-104 - Commodity Poolsin effect
97/2606/26/97Revised Indices of Notices and Interpretation Notes, Blanket Orders and Rulings, and Local Policy Statements under the Securities Act, Securities Regulation and Securities Rules, and Index of National Instruments, Policies, Forms and Notices under the Securities Actlapsed
97/2706/26/97Respecification of Required Forms under the Securities Act, Securities Regulation, and Securities Ruleslapsed
97/2806/30/97Adoption of National Policy 62-201 and Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 37 Bids Made Only in Certain Jurisdictionslapsed
97/2906/30/97Adoption of National Policy 62-202 and Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 38 Take-Over Bids - Defensive Tacticslapsed
97/3006/30/97Dealers and their Salespersonsin effect
97/3107/16/97Proposed National Instrument 52-101 and Companion Policy 52-101CP and Proposed Rescission of National Policy Statement No. 48in effect
97/3207/25/97Proposed National Instrument 81-105 and Companion Policy 81-105CP Mutual Fund Sales Practicesin effect
97/3307/25/97The Investment Funds Institute of Canada Code of Sales Practices for the Mutual Fund Industryin effect
97/3407/28/97Proposed Rescission of Uniform Act Policy No. 2-11; Applications to Omit Certain Financial Informationin effect
97/3507/30/97Changes to SEDAR Filer Softwarein effect
97/3608/27/97Market Fragmentation Request for Comments and Disclosure Forumin effect
97/3708/27/97Advance Notice - National Instrument 32-101 Small Securityholder Selling and Purchase Arrangementslapsed
97/3809/18/97Designated Jurisdictions of Issuers Eligible to Participate in the POP Systemin effect
97/3910/14/97Registration to Act as an Adviser or to Trade in Securities or Exchange Contractsin effect
97/4010/16/97Conditional Exemption From Registration For United States Broker-Dealers and Agentsin effect
97/4110/23/97Communication with the Securities Commission - New Commission Telephone and Facsimile Numbersin effect
97/4210/30/97Proposed Changes to the Definition of Material Fact and Material Change and Proposed Introduction of a “Loser-Pays” Cost Rule Under Securities Legislationin effect
97/4310/30/97Adoption of National Instrument 32-101
Small Securityholder Selling and Purchase Arrangements
in effect
97/4411/06/97Processing Applications For Discretionary Relief Before Year Endlapsed
97/4511/20/97Disruption of Mail Servicelapsed
97/4611/20/97Notice of Proposed National Instrument 45-101 Rights Offerings, Companion Policy 45-101CP, Form 45-101F and Rescission of Certain Policiesin effect
97/4711/27/97Shorter Hold Period with Annual Information Form, Eurobond Offerings ad Distributions to Persons Outside effect
97/4811/27/97Distribution of Securities to Persons Outside British Columbiain effect
97/4911/27/97Proposed National Instrument 33-102, 33-103, 33-104, related Companion Policies and National Policy 33-201, all Governing Activities of Dealers and Carry on Business in Retail Branches of Financial Institutionsin effect
97/5012/04/97Proposed Rescission of Uniform Act Policy No. 2-10: Insider Trading Reports - Persons Required to Report in More than One Capacityin effect
97/5112/04/97Proposed National Instrument 71-101 and Companion Policy 71-101CP The Multijurisdictional Disclosure Systemin effect
97/5212/17/97Non-Payment of SEDAR Annual Filing Service Chargesin effect
97/5312/17/97Amendments to the Company Act Relating to Compromises and Arrangementsin effect
97/5412/23/97Filing Forms 20 Reports by Facsimilein effect
98/101/15/98Clarification of Interim Local Policy Statement 3-27 System for Shorter Hold Periods with an AIF and Publication of Proposed Alberta Rule and Policyin effect
98/201/15/98Revised Indices of Policies and Other Instruments under the Securities Actin effect
98/301/15/98Respecification of Required Forms under the Securities Act, Securities Regulation and Securities Rulesin effect



Effective January 16, 1998
BOR #Date of BOR
88/208/12/88The definition of "exchange issuer"in effect
88/308/12/88Transitional rules respecting securities traded prior to September 1, 1988 under an exemption from section 42 of the Securities Actin effect
88/1111/28/88Conflict of interest rules statement and confirmation and reporting of transactions by registrantsin effect
(CCA BOR#89/6)
01/26/89Registration of persons trading in IOCC optionsin effect
89/810/13/89Reporting companies under the British Columbia Company Act and the definition of "reporting issuer"in effect
89/1010/31/89Required form of offering memorandumin effect
90/101/29/90Trades of government warrantsin effect
90/202/27/90Trades in shares issued in accordance with the Employee Investment Actin effect
90/410/11/90Trades in deposit-type or self-directed registered educational savings plansin effect
91/205/03/91Rules for shelf prospectus offerings and for pricing offerings after the prospectus is receiptedin effect
91/506/06/91Resale of rights acquired under a rights offeringin effect
91/606/06/91Recognition of certain countries and political divisions of countries issuing bonds, debentures or other evidence of indebtednessin effect
91/706/25/91Multijurisdictional disclosure system
in effect
07/01/91 (see NIN#93/12)
(CCA BOR#91/2)
08/01/91Registration of persons trading in TCO commodity optionsin effect
91/1008/08/91First renewal prospectuses filed by mutual funds under National Policy Statement No. 36in effect
91/1212/12/91Government strip bondsin effect
(see NIN#95/9)
92/104/23/92Fees payable by members of the press for a subscription to the Weekly Summary and for search of a filein effect
92/208/06/92Limitations on a registrant underwriting securities of a related party or connected party of the registrantin effect
92/311/18/92Revocation of BOR#91/11 and recognized options traded through recognized clearing agencies (recognized options rationalization order) [S.A. and C.C.A.]in effect
93/102/17/93Prompt offering qualification systemin effect 02/19/93 (see NIN#93/12)
93/306/16/93The multijurisdictional disclosure systemin effect
93/412/22/93Networking arrangements governed by the principles of regulationin effect
94/111/23/94Prompt offering qualification system - memorandum of understanding for expedited review of short form prospectuses and renewal AIFsin effect
(see NIN#s 94/22 & 96/47)
95/510/26/95Filing insider reports by facsimilein effect
95/612/7/95Continuing relief from certain registration requirementsin effect
95/812/15/95Transitional reliefin effect
95/912/14/95Continuing relief for financial statements of certain foreign issuersin effect
95/1012/21/95The summary prospectus disclosure systemin effect
01/01/96 (see
LPS 3-02)
95/1512/21/95Acting as an adviser with respect to certain securitiesin effect
95/1612/21/95Trades of negotiable promissory notes or commercial paper to individualsin effect
95/1712/21/95Legending of certificatesin effect
95/1912/21/95The hold period for securities issued by an exchange issuer under section 55(2)(18) of the Actin effect
01/01/96 (see NIN#95/60)
95/2212/28/95Transitional relief from recognized resale requirements relating to securities of issuers that filed an application for listing with the Vancouver Stock Exchangein effect
96/101/11/96Trades by control persons of securities acquired under section 55(2)(8) of the Actin effect
96/303/14/96The requirement to send interim financial statements and quarterly reports to security holders of a reporting issuerin effect
96/503/27/96Mutual funds and the purchase and sale of mortgages from and to the account of responsible personsin effect
96/703/27/96Trades in securities acquired under section 117 of the Securities Regulation, B.C. 270/86in effect
96/803/27/96Number of purchasers under sections 89(a) and (g) and 128(a) and (h) of the Securities Rules, B.C. 479/95in effect
96/1005/02/96Further relief respecting audit committee review and board of directors approval of interim financial statementsin effect
96/1508/29/96Trades in Options to Consultantsin effect
96/1609/26/96Further continuing relief for financial statements of certain issuers and the prompt offering qualification systemin effect
96/1710/10/96Mutual funds and the purchases and sales of certain debt securities from and to the account of responsible personsin effect

Real Estate Securities

in effect
97/302/03/97Resale Relief for Eligible Real Estate Securitiesin effect
97/403/04/97Trust Companies, Insurers and Portfolio Managers in Other Provinces and Territories of Canada and Foreign Portfolio Managersin effect
97/606/25/97Further Continuing Relief from Financial Statements of Certain Foreign Issuersin effect
97/706/25/97Take Over Bids and Going Private Transactionsin effect
97/911/20/97Relief Respecting the Requirement to Send Financial Statements and Quarterly Reports to Securityholders During a Disruption in Mail Servicein effect
97/1011/20/97Further Transitional Relief Relating to Transactions Between a Mutual Fund and Non-Participating Affiliates of Its Responsible Personsin effect
97/1111/27/97Eurobond Offeringsin effect
97/1211/27/97System for Shorter Hold Periods With an Annual Information Formin effect
97/1312/23/97Filing Forms 20 Reports by Facsimilein effect


Effective January 16, 1998
Date of BOR
CCA BOR#89/101/26/89Recognition of the Vancouver Stock Exchange as a Commodity Exchange in the Province of British Columbia (see also LPS 3-44)in effect
CCA BOR#89/301/26/89Recognition of Self Regulatory Bodies (see also LPS 3-44)in effect
CCA BOR#89/401/26/89Segregation of Funds by Commodity Contracts Dealersin effect
CCA BOR#89/501/26/89Acceptance of IOCC Optionsin effect
CCA BOR#89/6 (BOR#89/1)01/26/89Registration of Persons Trading in IOCC Optionsin effect
CCA BOR#89/711/09/89Recognition of Commodity Exchanges Situated Outside the Province of British Columbiain effect
CCA BOR#91/108/01/91Acceptance of TCO Gold Optionsin effect
CCA BOR#91/2 (BOR#91/8)08/01/91Registration of Persons Trading in TCO Optionsin effect



Effective January 16, 1998
Policy #Date of Policy
3-0102/01/87Factors to be considered in arriving at a decision that a natural resource property has sufficient merit to justify an expenditure thereon of risk capital derived from public subscriptionin effect
3-0212/21/90Prospectus filing requirementsin effect 02/04/91 as amended effective 01/01/96 (see BOR#95/10)
3-0302/01/87Requirements re filing of preliminary prospectuses and prospectuses (national issues)in effect
3-04Rescindedreplaced by
LPS 3-17
3-0502/01/87Rights offerings to shareholdersin effect
3-0602/01/87Prospectus guidelines for the mortgage investment issuerin effect
3-0712/21/89Policy guidelines respecting trading shares, performance shares and other considerationin effect
3-08Rescindedreplaced by
LPS 3-07
3-09Rescindedreplaced by
LPS 3-07
3-10Rescindedreplaced by
LPS 3-07
3-1201/26/90Rules for proceedingsin effect 02/01/90
3-1302/01/87Policy guidelines for a venture capital issuer planning to make a distributionin effect
(see NIN#88/7 and NIN#89/43)
3-1409/09/93Application for insider reporting exemptionsin effect 09/09/93
3-1507/07/89Exempt purchaser statusin effect
3-1608/14/90Registration for securities and insurancein effect
Registrant due diligencein effect
3-1902/01/87Vancouver Stock Exchange listingsin effect
3-2102/01/87Share and unit offerings of unlisted issuers and options and warrants available to registrants participating in such offeringsin effect
3-2212/07/95Registration requirementsin effect
Statutory and discretionary exemptionsin effect
3-2502/01/87Re: natural resource issuer - "best efforts" prospectus and amendments to prospectus arising from market conditionsin effect
3-2602/01/87Rescindedreplaced by
amendment to LPS 3-02 (see BOR#95/8and BOR#96/12)
System for Shorter Hold Periods with an Annual AIFin effect
3-3102/01/87Incentive options to directors and employees - unlisted issuersin effect
3-3302/01/87R.R.S.P.'s administered by brokers on behalf of authorized trusteesin effect
3-3402/01/87Application for non-reporting statusin effect
3-3510/13/89Reactivation of dormant issuersin effect
3-3702/01/87Restricted shares (uncommon equities) distributions and disclosurein effect
3-3802/01/87Rescindedreplaced by LPS 3-22
3-3902/01/87Guidelines for advertising issues of securities and for promotional activities during the course of a distributionin effect
3-40Rescindedreplaced by NP 47 and BOR#93/1
3-4102/01/87Lawyer's conflict of interestin effect
3-4202/01/87Rescindedreplaced by LPS 3-22
Government Strip Bondsin effect (see NIN#95/9)
3-4412/21/95Recognition of self regulatory body, exchanges and jurisdictionsin effect
(see NIN #97/43)
Designation as a reporting issuer and business investor offeringsin effect
(see NIN#89/17)


Effective January 16, 1998
06/13/97Delivery of Documents by Issuers Using Electronic Media Concept Proposal - Request for Commentin effect
NI 13-10112/17/96System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR)

SEDAR Filer Manual
in effect
NI 14-10102/26/97Definitionsin effect
11/21/97The Year 2000 Challengein effect
NI 32-10110/30/97Small Securityholder Selling and Purchase Arrangementsin effect
(CSA Staff N)
10/10/97Conversion of Corporate Issuers to Trustsin effect
09/12/97The TSE Toronto Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Disclosure - Final Report; CSA Task Force on Civil Remediesin effect
01/24/97Filing Insider Reports by Facsimile and Exemption where Minimal Connection to Jurisdictionin effect
NP 62-20106/30/97Bids Made Only in Certain Jurisdictionsin effect
NP 62-20206/30/97Take-Over Bids - Defensive Tacticsin effect 08/04/97
01/31/97Mutual Fund Prospectus
Disclosure System Concept
Proposal - Request for Comment
in effect
12/12/97Sales of Mutual Funds in Upcoming RRSP Seasonin effect


CP - Companion Policy NI - National Instrument
CSA - Canadian Securities Administrators NP - National Policy
F - Form RC - Request for Comment
N - Notice