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23-308 - Update on Forum to Discuss CSA/IIROC Joint Consultation Paper 23-404 “Dark Pools, Dark Orders and Other Developments in Market Structure in Canada” and Next Steps [CSA/IIROC Joint Staff Notice]

Published Date: 2010-05-28
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I. Background

On October 2, 2009, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC and together with the CSA, we) published the CSA/IIROC Joint Consultation Paper 23-404 Dark Pools, Dark Orders, and Other Developments in Market Structure in Canada (Consultation Paper), requesting comments on a number of market structure issues, particularly the impact of marketplaces that offer no pre-trade transparency (dark pools), the introduction of new non-transparent order types, and the introduction of smart order routers. We received 23 response letters from a range of respondents including marketplaces, buy side and sell side representatives, and industry associations. A summary of the comment letters received is included at Appendix A of this Notice and a list of commenters at Appendix B.

On March 23, 2010, the CSA and IIROC also hosted a forum to discuss the issues raised in the Consultation Paper and comment letters and to give respondents a chance to elaborate on their views. The morning session consisted of 11 formal presentations and the afternoon consisted of a roundtable discussion.  Representatives from marketplaces, dealers and buy-side investors took part in the morning session and addressed questions from a panel consisting of senior executives from both the CSA and IIROC1.   The afternoon session involved a roundtable discussion among the presenters facilitated by Wendy Rudd, which touched on issues raised in the Consultation Paper and in morning presentations.  In addition, there was a luncheon keynote speech by Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of Tabb Group, discussing similar market structure issues in the United States.

Edited recordings of each of the presentations and the roundtable discussion2  are available on the IIROC website at New window under the heading “Member Resources” and the subheadings “Member Events - Webcasts/Recorded Events”.

We thank those who contributed to the process by both responding to our request for comments or by presenting and participating in the forum. In particular, we thank Ms. Wendy Rudd who facilitated the afternoon session. We have gathered a great deal of information from this process and will be using it to inform our policy-making going forward. 

1 The panel consisted of: Louis Morisset, Superintendent, Securities Markets, Autorité des marchés financiers; Susan Wolburgh Jenah, President and CEO, IIROC; David Wilson, Chair of the Ontario Securities Commision; and Sinan Akdeniz, OSC Commissioner.
2 The presentation and roundtable discussions were edited for the purposes of publication by removing housekeeping and other matters.